Sponsor Basics

PGK’s Community Empowerment Sponsor Program

Empowering aspirations and fostering continuous learning. Our commitment: "The more children learn, the more they earn." This opens doors to gifts, prizes, and scholarships throughout their childhood, supported by caring Sponsors who receive optimized support and a strong return on their investment.

Powerful Learning Experience

PGK Power Learning Tools feature fun characters, music, and quizzes accessible on any device, calculating progress and storing points for follow-up sponsors or other supporters to reward.

Nationwide Reach and Engagement

PGK Clubhouse Memberships directly reach children aged 4-9, introducing high-level skills and careers such as Language Learning, Financial Literacy, Coding, Vocational Trades, and Legal Studies. Supported by the community at no cost to parents.

Sponsor Involvement

Utilizing Businesses, Corporations, Civic Leaders, and Philanthropists for sponsor-driven distribution in chosen territories. Sponsors commit to specific numbers, starting at one hundred children, for events, or selected territories.

Promotion and Brand Exposure

We promote sponsors' generosity online and offline, highlighting their brands across various platforms, including social media, learning tools, landing pages, and during ongoing activities until each sponsor’s commitment is fulfilled.

A Higher Incentive to Generate Leads

Encouraging lifelong learning through transformative tools and building long-term relationships. Parent involvement as leads is automatic upon gift acceptance, fostering continued learning access.

Parent Registration and Free Access

Parents sign up for their kids and receive PGK Power Learning Apps and PGK Volts, granting access to PGK Big Prize Tokens and “VIP and Lifetime Lottery” Golden Tickets for their children's consistent participation, correct answers, and achievements.

Scholarship Accounts

Parents can enhance their child’s PGK Clubhouse Membership by opting into an additional gift, prize, and scholarship account for their children. Percentages of revenue are from the Sponsor’s network, with a $10,000.00 maximum in most States.

Extended Engagement and Sponsor Benefits:

Continuous events keep families engaged, providing updates on achievements and rewards, ensuring prolonged sponsor visibility and network growth without extra cost.

Tailored Sponsor Options

Sponsors choose from three goal-oriented options: optimizing earnings, extended brand promotion, or youth-focused rewards. Revenue from various funds exclusively supports sponsors, being reinvested back into programs that streamline desired program options.

Network Monitoring

Sponsors can access Network Control Centers for lead monitoring and revenue insights.