Online Store Owners

PGK Online Stores come in two different versions, both of which exist on the State level: PGK State-level Megastores and PGK State-level Brand or Collection Retail Stores.


PGK State-level Megastore Owners have access to the sale of all retail products found on the PGK Clubhouse Megastore website. In addition they have exclusive access to the pending PGK Wholesale Program, which allows them to sell all PGK Clubhouse Megastore products at wholesale rates to authorized Online and Offline retailers in their States. No other division or department of PGK has wholesale rights in States where State-level Megastores have been established and conduct business. There's a maximum of one (1) State-level Megastore per State.


PGK State-level Brand or Collection Retail Store Owners conduct Statewide Online and Offline retail sales for the individual PGK Clubhouse Megastore Brand or Collection they represent. PGK Brands include the following:

  • Promiseland Park
  • Young Princess Promise
  • The Baby Roos
  • Discover the PGK Sound Seasonal Collection
  • PGK Champions
  • Certified Parents, Family & Friends
  • PGK Toys
  • Mega Tienda en Español
  • PGK's Family Value Department Store
  • Any Future Brands