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PGK Adopt-A-Program for Health Short Fact Sheet

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Proceeds from revenue generated by the sale of all PGK Products, Services, and Programs go to the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund. This includes proceeds from your child's Sponsored Adopt-A-Program event, which is directed by the Scholarship in Education Fund.


It's very important that parents of the children who receive PGK educational tools download the songs for free from their Sponsor’s website.


The PGK Dental Hygiene Audio Smart-Kit comes with the song "Brush, Brush" an original song from PGK Music Box which teaches children the importance of dental hygiene.

  • Some Adopt-A-Program for Health dental hygiene statistics:
  • 25% of low-income children do not see a dentist before entering school.
  • Low-income children are twice as likely to have untreated oral diseases than children not living in poverty.
  • Tooth decay is the single most chronic childhood disease, more prevalent than asthma and hay fever.
  • Higher levels of tooth decay are found in African American and Hispanic children with 80% of the decay being concentrated in 25% of children.
  • Over 50 million school hours are lost each year due to the effects of poor dental hygiene.

Now download the Music that goes to your child's book!

"Brush, Brush"

Make brushing their teeth a fun activity your kids will enjoy the PGK way. Cleaning their teeth, while listening to this song helps children “keep cavities away!”

Note: Many dentists agree that proper brushing takes at least two minutes.


Comes with Educational Music Mini-Packs and Action Adventures!

Proceeds from revenue derived from the sale of all PGK Products, Services, and Programs go to the Non-Profit PGK Scholarship In Education Fund. This includes proceeds from you child's Sponsored Adopt-A-Program event.