Retrieve your First Power Learning Apps, Earn Points and Earn Gift, Prizes, and Scholarship Opportunties and More - Kids Start with a Language and Advance to Skills.

Promiseland Park's Learning Spanish - Level 1

Start with Power Learning Apps: Earn Rewards, Scholarships, and More! Children Start with Languages and Advanced to Skills and Careers. Follow-up Lessons Included!


Explore a world of learning with the PGK Clubhouse Membership and Power Learning Tools designed for kids aged 4 to 9 in Dacula and Lawrenceville Georgia, backed by entrepreneur Donald Cunningham of DLC Enterprises LLC. This program introduces children to Promiseland Park's Learning Spanish - Level 1 app, offering an ongoing learning experience.

Your Child's First Power Learning App

Follow-Up Learning Tools Provided by PGK and Other Sponsors


Through this membership, children gain access to a range of learning tools, from narrated PGK Power Learning Apps, to Drag and Drop quizzes, and earn PGK Big Prize Token rewards points for their commitment to learning. Starting language learning early not only cultivates a love for languages but also sets the stage for future career advantages in our globally connected world.

PGK Pop Quizzes and Rewards


Join us in empowering children with linguistic skills, cognitive abilities, and cultural competencies, pivotal for success in the dynamic corporate landscape. Bilingualism offers a substantial edge in future job markets, equipping young entrepreneurs with valuable communication abilities for diverse partnerships and global interactions.

PGK Fun Stuff Rewards


Join us in helping kids develop language skills, thinking abilities, and cultural understanding, which are crucial in the job market. Being bilingual gives business-minded individuals an advantage, enhancing their communication skills for different opportunities, collaborations, and global connections.


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