Kevin the Kangaroo Regional Pride NFT (Newburgh, NY)

Incorporated as a city in 1865, Newburgh, New York might not be as familiar as some of its neighboring cities, but it's rich in history and the American spirit of innovation. There's a lot to see and celebrate in Newburgh.


In 1752 the village of Newburgh held the first Open Air Flea Market in the U.S. In 1782 - 1783 during the American Revolution, the Continental Army was headquartered there. In 1883 the 2nd ever Thomas Edison power plant was built in Newburgh, and in 1939 the RCA company chose the city as the location for its television test site. Also, Newburgh's East End is the largest historical district in the State of New York.


Join Kevin the Kangaroo, one of PGK's most beloved Promiseland Park characters in showing your Newburgh, NY Pride. Invest in this exclusive PGK Regional Pride NFT and help Kevin empower kids in the city that's motto perfectly describes its history - "Years Ahead."


"Newburgh Families Stand Up!"

More About Kevin the Kangaroo

As the lead rapper in the pop group Promiseland Park, Kevin the Kangaroo's imagination takes him to places that he often writes about in his songs. He's feisty and free-spirited and loves to perform for his family, friends and children everywhere. Kevin is the youngest of the Kangaroo siblings, and his motto is, “Let's dream big today and every day!”


Kevin is featured in PGK Activewear Apparel, Educational Tools, Interactive Apps and Books, Regional Pride Products, and other PGK merchandise, which are available online at the PGK Clubhouse Megastore, through online Affiliates, and are sold to or distributed through:

  • Child Caregiver Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Daycares
  • Fundraisers
  • Local Libraries
  • Local Retailers
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • PGK Lifestyle Associates Sales Specialists [PGK Careers]


These diverse marketing strategies and sales channels are designed to increase Kevin's national and global popularity, which will provide the owners of Kevin the Kangaroo NFTs sound investment opportunities.


Kevin is presently featured in the following PGK Products, Services and Programs:


    • Single and Album releases by PGK Music Box as well as other PGK products that include music:
      • PGK Pre-K and Kindergarten Smart-Album & Featured Singles
  • PGK Winter Holiday Smart-Album
  • PGK Listen and Learn Smart-Album
    • PGK Educational Tools
  • PGK Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book
  • PGK Dental Hygiene Audio Smart-Kit
    • PGK Interactive
      • Digital Apps
  • PGK's Fight COVID-19 Interactive Smart-Book
  • PGK Clubhouse Megastore
    • PGK Activewear
      • Kevin has his own Promiseland Park Line of PGK Activewear
    • PGK Regional Pride Apparel
      • Kevin is featured on some PGK Regional Pride Apparel
  • PGK Crypto
    • Kevin the Kangaroo is a major character featured in PGK NFTs, including Regional Pride NFT Collectibles


  • PGK Adopt-A-Program Youth Empowerment Initiatives, which are sponsored by the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund and include the following:
    • Literacy
    • Health & Fitness
    • Performing & Creative Arts
    • The Environment
    • Language Learning
    • Coding
    • Financial Literacy
    • Vocational Trades


  • PG the Kangaroo's Promiseland Park Adventures coming soon from PGKTV

Introducing Children and Their Parents to the Emerging Cryptocurrency & NFT Ecosystem

In keeping with our mission to empower children, we at PGK have established a focused, long-term campaign to introduce children and their parents to the emerging cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem. It should be noted that this ecosystem isn't on its way. It's already here, and it's growing.


PGK creates and sells a wide variety of PGK branded NFTs and not just for the rich and famous or traders of digital art. Many of our NFTs are donated by PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative Sponsors. In fact, a Golden Ticket NFT comes with every purchase of a PGK product. PGK NFTs provide children and parents, including those who live in technologically underserved communities with the following opportunities:

  • Affordable access to NFT investment opportunities
  • Exposure to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and associated technological advances
  • Exposure to cutting-edge business practices, new career opportunities, and future areas of study


*PGK Golden Ticket NFTs are presently not for sale.


Children and parents who for various reasons are historically "late to the game" when it comes to new technologies can access PGK NFTs and their digital asset and real-world benefit add-ons through the following platforms:

  • PGK Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries where the NFTs are donated by Sponsors
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  • The PGK Clubhouse Megastore
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