Law Cunningham Bio

Inspired by an entrepreneurial epiphany Promiseland Global Kids (PGK) was conceived by President and CEO Law Cunningham. So motivated, he undertook the development of the PGK/Law Global Enterprises business model, corporate philosophy, products, programs, services and associated intellectual properties. Since 2014 Mr. Cunningham, along with a core group of dedicated colleagues, has been in full pursuit of PGK’s mission which is to empower children and teens by inspiring them to desire knowledge, explore their creativity, exercise determination, and value their citizenship.

Mr. Cunningham has relied on his experience in the entertainment industry to build PGK into an innovative, cutting-edge multimedia conglomerate. The Newark, NJ native’s emphasis on Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop music, his affinity for children and their well-being, and his entrepreneurial drive inspired him to find his niche in children's education and entertainment. So inspired, Mr. Cunningham - from 2006-2014 - put in the hard work of developing PGK’s business model, products, programs, services, associated intellectual properties, and corporate philosophy. The result is the PGK family of fourteen autonomous business groups, the Law Global Distribution Group, and the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund - all built on the foundation of PGK Music Box and PGK Educational Tools.  


Mr. Cunningham gained his professional experience prior to founding Promiseland Global Kids as:

  • Founder-CEO of Five Pillar Productions in Allendale, NJ (1994 - 1996)
  • Artist-Producer signed with Virgin Records/Germany in Munich, Germany (1997)
  • Founder-CEO of Apocalypse International Record Company in West Orange, NJ and Munich, Germany (1997 - 2003)
  • General Manager at All Bets Down Entertainment Roselle, NJ (2005 - 2006)
  • Founder-CEO of Promiseland Global Kid (PGK), Law Global Enterprises, and Law Global Distribution Group (2014 - Present Day)
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