Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs is a distribution company that incorporates the online and offline sales activities of Law Global Traditional Affiliate Marketers, Enterprise Entrepreneurs Team Captains, various Enterprise Entrepreneurs whose network levels are determined by subscription level, specialized affiliates called Brand Ambassadors, and all of their associated downline sales networks.

Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs' mission is to offer very affordable opportunities for driven individuals to earn income as PGK Storefront owners or as PGK Storefront NFT owners where they earn percentages of revenue from major and potentially lucrative territories, as they build and/or oversee territorial operations.

Enterprise Partners include:

  • PGK Regional Storefront NFT Owners
  • PGK Select Storefront Owners
  • Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs Team Captains
  • Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs Territory Directors
  • Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs Brand Ambassadors
  • Law Global Affiliate Marketers

All Enterprise Partners find a home with the Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs distribution company, which sells products, services and programs produced by other companies. First among our initial partners is the PGK Scholarship in Education Fund, a nonprofit provider of scholarships that's licensed to sell PGK multimedia educational tools and other products as an integral part of PGK's Power Building Initiatives for Kids.

Due to the affordability of the opportunities and the unprecedented access to scope of influence, it's necessary for Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs to be selective in how and where we place our Enterprise Partners.

Initial Enterprise Entrepreneur Select Storefront Front Offerings

In keeping with PGK's mission to empower children, they have established a focused, long-term campaign to introduce children and their parents to the emerging NFT and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs earns commissions from the sale of a wide variety of original PGK NFTs, which are offered at varied levels of investment. PGK NFTs come with add-ons, digital assets and real-world benefits that can greatly increase the long-term value of the NFTs they're attached to.

Promiseland Park is an enchanting place full of fun and adventure where PG, Kelly and Kevin the Kangaroos along with their friends Furnando the Cat, Oakie the Oak Tree, and special guests entertain and teach children life lessons in the areas of core curriculum and curriculum enhancing subject matter, character building, personal care, care for our environment, and sometimes just plain having fun!

This cat of characters also forms the pop group Promiseland Park and is featured on single and album releases of original music from PGK Music Box. They're also featured in PGK digital and physical interactive educational tools, activewear, NFTs, PGK Youth Power Building Initiatives, and PG the Kangaroo's Promiseland Park Adventures coming soon from PGKTV. PGK Regional Pride products featuring individual Promiseland Park characters are not included in this collection.

Before she was the legendary freedom fighter Kez-Shey Bellar - "She who would not let it be" - Promise was a young princess who learned valuable life lessons about teamwork, courage, loyalty, respect and dignity side-by-side with her friends Gabrielle and Tiki. Future adventures concerning her destiny would be shaped by the lives, choices and circumstances surrounding her father King Barrick, his lifelong friends General Jaspari and Marshall U-Hotek, and her mysteriously absent brothers Princes Justice, Power and Sincere.

Children of Ert… We bring you the Adventures of Young Princess Promise!

PGK Easy Learning Interactive Apps are a series of fully interactive digital apps developed jointly by PGK Educational Tools and PGK Interactive. "Easy Learning" subjects include:

  • Pre-school and elementary school Core Curriculum and Curriculum Enhancing Lessons
  • Foreign language lessons, beginning with Spanish
  • Character building lessons

They also include the following features and more:

  • Narration by lovable PGK characters
  • Engaging Lessons created by certified educators
  • Lessons supported by cutting-edge Songs from PGK Music Box
  • Various Quizzes such as Drag & Drop, True or False, or Multiple Choice after each lesson
  • Downloadable to any digital device


As a stand-alone brand, PGK Easy Learning Language apps integrate languages such as: Spanish, German, Portuguese and French into territories and markets where these languages are spoken and where PGK conducts business.

Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs sell PGK Regional Pride Apparel and other Regional Pride Products. Whether you're from Newark, New Jersey, Pageland, South Carolina, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chicago, Illinois, or anywhere else in the country you can enjoy hats, t-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, jackets, games and other popular merchandise that's customized for your town, city, state or region. And, who wouldn't enjoy the thrill of representing their home?!

When you support and represent your hometown or region through a PGK Regional Pride purchase, a child also gets a memorable educational and musical experience! You get a great product, a child is empowered, a community is represented, and yes, our company grows. Everybody wins!

The PGK National Retail Alliance for Kids offers an opportunity for Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs to empower their fellow local business entrepreneurs, as they in turn support and empower their local children by providing educational and entertainment opportunities.

Local shop owners can increase their revenue with no additional responsibilities or administrative headaches: no inventory, no shipping, and no returns. PGK Retail Alliance members receive extended marketing services custom designed to grow their shops by attracting new customers and enhancing the experience of existing customers. Members also receive access to additional revenue streams for their shops.

Para servir a nuestras comunidades de habla hispana, Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs ofrece productos de la Colección Mega Tienda en Español de PGK. Ofrecer estos productos educativos y de entretenimiento apoya la misión de PGK de empoderar a los niños, sus familias y sus comunidades a través de su Iniciativa de desarrollo de poder para jóvenes en el aprendizaje de idiomas, uno de los muchos programas de empoderamiento comunitario de PGK.

Introducing the adorable Baby Roos for Toddlers! Back when PG, Kelly and Kevin the Kangaroos were the Baby Roos they also had fun adventures with their Promiseland Park toddler friends, singing songs that promote lively interaction and bonding between babies and adults. Mommy and Daddy will love singing songs like "Face Art" and "Left, Right, Left" to baby time and time again!

Every champion has a great story. The PGK Champions Youth Sports Collection is dedicated to the young athletes who create these heroic stories by challenging their physical and mental limits through disciplined training, devoted study, unwavering sportsmanship, and constant pursuit of greatness through athletic achievement. Enjoy PGK Champions apparel, merchandise, and the stories that inspire the collection.

Enhance your child's and their family's home experience and daily life through your use of the high quality products found here in the PGK Family Value Department Store… Whether it's tools for mom, cookware for dad, or a feeder for your beloved pet, get great Family Value for the family you value!