Revolutionize your sponsor campaign with captivating stand-up displays, seamlessly integrating QR codes to offer free PGK Clubhouse Memberships and Power Learning Tools. Immerse kids in an engaging journey, earning points for correct answers and participating in activities that unite families and local community supporters. Our innovative system generates and tracks up to 10 generations of family members, sponsors, and community supporters for each child, ensuring a lifelong association with the original sponsor.

Choose from various sizes and customize artwork to amplify your brand's allure. Showcase these displays in sponsor-designated locations, and at organizations or businesses that support the cause.

Our eye-catching displays can also feature sponsor representatives or locations alongside beloved PGK trademarked characters like Kevin the Kangaroo. The magic happens with QR codes, granting children and parents access to power learning tools and exclusive features within their PGK Clubhouse Memberships. These gifts don't just offer fun – they introduce children aged 4-9 to high-level skills and exciting career possibilities, setting the stage for a future filled with possibilities.

Explore our additional marketing material options:

  • Additional Stand-up Displays

    • 1 ft. tall - $74.00* (Delivered in just 1-2 weeks!)

    • 3 ft. tall - $150.99* (Enhance your space in 2-4 weeks!)

    • 5-7 ft. tall - $500.00** (Swift delivery in just 2 weeks!)

  • Custom, Animated Artwork for Stand-up Displays

    • Artwork with Shop and a PGK Character - $100.00** (Add charm to your display!)

    • Artwork with Shop Owner and a PGK Character - $150.00** (Craft a unique narrative!)

    • Artwork with Shop, Shop Owner, and a PGK Character - $200.00** (Unleash creativity in 2 weeks!)


  • Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

  • ** Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

*** Allow 2 weeks for delivery