Interactive Audio Smart-Book Features

Children receive:

Lifetime access to their personal Smart-Book Library accounts.

Access to their own PGK NFT Vault, which allows them (with their parent’s permission) to create their own NFTs and even sell them on the exchange. Original NFTs created by children can also be used for sponsored scholarship contests and as competitive entries in PGK Talent Showcases

A complimentary PGK Golden Ticket NFT, which serves as a lifetime lottery ticket for scholarships, family activities, apparel, PGK merchandise, and other prizes


Children can:

Earn PGK Big Prize Token Points - "The more kids learn, the more they earn!"

A PGK Clubhouse membership, which is free to children who participate in Sponsored PGK's Youth Power Building Initiatives. Memberships are also available to the children of parents who browse online and purchase PGK products as well as to children who participate in select PGK online and offline events where

Enjoy their Audio Smart-Books independently or under the instruction and guidance of parents and teachers

Place bookmarks throughout their Smart-Books to mark their progress