For example, if your business donates 500 PGK Interactive Audio Smart-Books, you will access valuable information from 500 parents to use for future marketing campaigns, a, promotions, or special events.

This means…

  • Access to all 500 accounts will be provided through your co-branded, online landing page featuring your location, contact information, website, and any social media platforms you prefer as well as themed crossword puzzles, games, and other interactive activities designed to keep the children you sponsor and their parents returning to your landing page again, and again.  


  • Your brand, location, and contact information will also appear on the front and back covers of the 500 digital and/or physical Smart-Books that you provide for the children you sponsor.


Campaign Roles

PGK Adopt-A-Program for Health Sponsors

These Sponsors are businesses, organizations and individuals who agree to support PGK’s Youth Empowerment Health & Fitness Initiative by purchasing then donating PGK educational tools and books to Recipient Organizations, thereby creating unique opportunities for Sponsors to promote their brands/causes and resulting in closer ties to their communities.

PGK Adopt-A-Program for Health Recipients

These Recipients are caretaker organizations such as public and private schools and daycares that agree to participate in the program. They receive their books as donations from their program Sponsors then distribute them to the children under their care.


PGK Community Engagement Specialists

These Specialists transact the sale of specific educational tools for specific Youth Empowerment Initiatives and manage the logistics for each Sponsor-Recipient transaction and any associated events as well as assist in a Sponsor's selection of a Recipient Organization when necessary.