PGK Adopt-A-Program Discounts

Now, take a look at these other PGK Product, and Discover the PGK Sound!

Discover the PGK Sound Audio Smart-Tee

Designed with active kids and their Summer Fun in mind, this Audio Smart-Tee comes with a bright, bold Orange front that features Discover the PGK Sound artwork and includes the Promiseland Park Audio Smart-Album.

Discover the PGK Sound Audio Backpack

Designed with active, on-the-go kids in mind and the need to organize and carry their gear, this spacious and durable Discover the PGK Sound Audio Backpack features "Kids Music Revolution" graphics and comes with the Promiseland Park Smart-Album.

PGK's “New ABC Song” Campaign!

Are your kids tired of singing the same old, booorring ABC Song?

“PGK's New ABC Song” is the fun, catchy, hit single of Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Smart-Album. It's a perfect example of how PGK combines cutting-edge entertainment and education.


Come on parents!!! Register your children to show the world their talent and charisma, as they compete in “PGK's New ABC Song” Lip-Sync Video Contest!!!


Download the free song now and get a jump on the competition!

While you Discover the PGK Sound, we’re out to Discover your Child's Talent!



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Keisha L. Peaks- Community Engagement Specialist

Keisha Peaks’ association with PGK began when her son auditioned for “PG the Kangaroo's Morning Show”. The Newark, NJ native’s role at PGK has grown significantly since volunteering to assist on-set with the PGKTV production. She presently serves as:

  • Executive Producer of PGK’s Global Talent Showcase
  • Executive Producer of “PG the Kangaroo's Morning Show”


"Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book is a meaningful educational workbook that, I believe, will support the development of literacy in our young readers.

As an educator and owner of an early childhood center, I believe in fostering reading through well-written books that support learning.

With this wonderful workbook PGK Educational Tools gives parents and teachers an opportunity to readily assess their children's level of literacy and mastery of other fundamental early education skills. PGK accomplishes this by providing instructional exercises and songs that are age-appropriate and fun.

I recommend Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book and support its use in early childhood education."

Dana Kearney

Founder and owner of Village Babies Development Center in South Orange, New Jersey.

"This is an important and significant donation, and I am grateful to collaborate with E' Port Pres and PGK on this effort... Our focus must be on the next generation."

Councilman at Large Manny Grova

City of Elizabeth, NJ

"Introducing reading at a young age inspires children and provides a strong foundation for obtaining new information, expanding knowledge, and broadening horizons. Education is one of our key initiatives in Elizabeth, and there is always a need for more books."

Mayor Chris Bolwage

City of Elizabeth, NJ