PGK'S Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign

The nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund directs PGK's Adopt-A-Program to Read campaign in which Recipient Organizations such as schools, daycares, youth sports leagues, and other child caregivers are paired with Sponsors such as corporations, local businesses, government organizations, and other philanthropists. These Sponsors purchase PGK Power Learning Tools on behalf of their Recipient Organizations and donate them to the kids in support of the Scholarship in Education Fund's Literacy Initiative.

Literacy facts:

    • "Perhaps the most serious problem with current literacy campaigns is that they ignore, and even divert attention from, the real problem: Lack of access to books for children…"
  • Krashen, 2007
    • "A single, brief exposure to good reading material can result in a clear increase in enthusiasm for reading."  
  • Ramos and Krashen, 1998
    • "Creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading within months."
  • Louis Harris, 2003
    • "The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print."
  • Sanford Newman, 2000



Key Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign Roles

PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read Sponsors

These Sponsors are businesses, organizations and individuals who agree to support PGK’s Youth Empowerment Literacy Initiative by purchasing then donating PGK educational tools and books to Recipient Organizations, thereby creating unique opportunities for Sponsors to promote their brands/causes and resulting in closer ties to their communities.


PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read Recipients

These Recipients are caretaker organizations such as public and private schools and daycares that agree to participate in the program. They receive their books as donations from their program Sponsors then distribute them to the children under their care.


PGK Community Engagement Specialists

These Specialists manage the logistics for each Sponsor-Recipient transaction and any associated events as well as assist in a Sponsor's selection of a Recipient Organization when necessary.