PGK Brand Directors

Brand Directors are responsible for representing, promoting, and generating awareness of PGK Brands internally to all PGK Lifestyle Associates, including Specialists, Recruiters, Creators, and Affiliate Partners as well as externally to customers and potential strategic allies.


Brand Director responsibilities include communicating new product information, updating existing product information, directing social media support campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, and other digital marketing strategies such as weekly “Did You Know?” posts on the appropriate social media platforms. Promoting product, service, and program features and benefits, announcing value propositions, and building Brand Mailing Lists are also Brand Director job requirements.


Strengthening Your Community partnered the
The PGK Scholarship In Education Fund

The territorial level upon which Brand Directors operate in each state varies from state to state depending on population densities throughout different areas of each state. The lowest levels of operations for Brand Directors are as follows:

  • County
  • Major City
  • Minor City
  • Borough depending on the makeup of the city
  • Ward depending on the makeup of the city
  • Township depending on the makeup of the county or state


PGK Brand Directors ensure that their brands are represented to:

  • 3rd-party Distributors
  • Retailers
  • PGK Central Editing
  • Customers
  • PGK Creators
    • Songwriters  
    • Producers
    • Illustrators
    • Authors
  • PGK Lifestyle Associates
    • Scholarship in Education Fund Associates
      • Community Engagement Specialists
    • Sales Channels Specialists
      • Fundraiser Specialists
      • Fundraiser Organizations
      • Events & Parties Specialists
    • PGK Affiliate Partners
  • Recruiters
  • PGK Marketing and Administration
    • New Product, Service & Program Updates
    • "Did you know?" Brand Campaigns
    • Compiling Brand Mailing Lists
    • Brand Social Median activity
      • Brand Value Posts

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