PGK Online Specialists

You Selling Edge Over the Competition

PGK Clubhouse Membership: Elevating Product Value & Uniqueness

  • Every product we sell, whether digital, physical merchandise, or apparel, includes a PGK Clubhouse Membership.

  • Membership enriches the product by offering exclusive access to:

    • Power Learning Apps for engaging educational experiences.

    • PGK Music Box with cutting-edge melodies that reinforce learning.

    • Lifetime Lottery Golden Tickets and PGK Big Prize Tokens are stored in complimentary NFT vaults, adding a touch of technological fun for children.

  • All products featuring the PGK Clubhouse Membership, its components, and adventures are hosted by trademarked PGK Characters.

Diverse Roles for All Skill Levels Tier 1 Roles: Online Sales, Social Media Support, Referral Programs Tier 2 Roles: Sponsorship and Retail Referrals, Product and Talent Discovery

Compensation Structure for Growth & Rewards

  • Tiered commissions for Online Specialists based on sales, support, and referrals.

  • Career advancement opportunities to Brand/Product Directors, offering territorial jurisdiction and gross royalties.

Earning Potential & Network Benefits

  • Earn up to 20% commission plus additional bonuses for weekly contributions and successful referrals.

  • Referral bonuses: Benefit from the success of your network by earning 5% of gross income from referrals.

  • Additionally, Tier 2 Specialists have access to revenue derived from the contributions of individuals connected through their network. Your network's quality contributors can significantly impact the revenue you earn, reflecting the impact of the supporters within your network.

No Charges, Selective Partnership

  • No monthly fees, ensuring profitability without charges.

  • Selective partnership: We reserve the right to select partnerships that align with our mission and values.

Multiple Revenue Streams Beyond Sales

  • Opportunities to earn from talent discovery, recruitment of specialists, and participation in various bonus structures.

Efficient Control Center & Business Management

  • Seamlessly manage your business through the Online Specialist Control Center, tracking commissions and referrals.

Contributing to Scholarships & Education

  • Revenue from sales contributes to scholarships, gifts, and prizes for children and families participating in the PGK Scholarship in Education Fund.