PGK Dedicated Referral Agents

Attention Dedicated Referral Agents! Are you seeking a groundbreaking opportunity to leverage your talent to discover top-tier sales and recruitment professionals? PGK’s Community Empowerment Sponsor Program invites you to be at the forefront of uncovering passionate experts committed to transforming the lives of children, particularly those ages 4-9, while benefiting kids of all ages with high-level skills and career introduction.

Envision yourself as the driving force behind an initiative revolutionizing learning for young minds ages 4-9. Our engaging learning tools, which are accessible on all devices, incorporate characters, music, and quizzes, offering gifts, prizes, and scholarships as rewards. PGK provides an unparalleled platform for seasoned salespeople and recruiters with professional networks, aimed at reshaping children's learning experiences and fostering growth across all age groups.

Your pivotal role? Tap into your network to discover, refer, and onboard skilled professionals capable of spearheading sponsor-driven learning initiatives, introducing language learning, financial literacy, vocational trades, coding, and more to children ages 4-9 in selected regions. Embrace the opportunity to showcase our sponsors’ generosity while nurturing lasting relationships and ensuring continual access to transformative learning for families with children.

What makes this opportunity even more compelling? Your rewards escalate exponentially! Earn 3% to 5% of the total revenue generated by every Partner you discover for 1 to 2 years. For each Specialist you discover and refer, your compensation spans an additional year for each consecutive 12-month period that you contribute monthly. Imagine the potential rewards as they engage in our online e-commerce transactions, amplifying your earnings through their successful transactions. Moreover, receive up to 10% from any successful gross transactions when you refer a Sponsor to any PGK Partner Specialist, with the referred account grandfathered to you!

But there's more to it! As PGK expands into fresh communities nationwide each month, Referral Agents gain increased opportunities to earn income by identifying local promoters, teachers, authors, songwriters, producers, and more.

Here's the exciting part: Additional referral bonuses await when you introduce two or more Sales Specialists or Dedicated Referral Agents into a new state, with a double commission for major cities. Beyond referral bonus income, full commissions from e-commerce sales and sponsorships await you.

Our program is tailored to support you and people like you in every community we serve, offering a lucrative compensation plan—up to 25% commissions—recognizing your expertise in discovering and referring these sales and talent discovery champions.

Importantly, there are no charges to join, although we maintain selectivity in our acceptances. Join us in transforming the future for our children, where learning knows no bounds for kids ages 4-9 and beyond. Let’s collaborate to empower, educate, and elevate our communities together. Embrace this exceptional opportunity with PGK’s Community Empowerment Sponsor Program and lead the way as a Dedicated Referral Agent today!