State Distro-Hub Directors

Our strategic expansion into new territories relies on both online efforts and the hands-on approach of qualified PGK Specialists. By deeply engaging with communities and building lasting relationships with children's caregiver organizations, local businesses, municipal corporations, and other stakeholders, PGK and its Specialists can empower these communities, their children, and themselves. This empowerment is achieved through a mix of multimedia products, educational initiatives, marketing services, independent distribution, business-to-business alliances, and long-term networking.

As our Partner Specialists and Referral Agents enter new markets, only those demonstrating exceptional leadership, outstanding results, availability, commitment, and drive will be chosen to establish Statewide and Citywide Distribution Hubs. These hubs offer territorial revenue royalties upfront, with the potential for ownership stakes ranging from 10% to 49% in registered Distribution Hub businesses after a 6-month interim period leading to a Directorship Phase. Importantly, this opportunity is extended to our Partners without any financial commitment, reflecting our dedication to empowering ethical professionals and communities."