State Distro-Hub Directors

PGK State Distro-Hub Directors coordinate and manage the statewide promotion of products, services, and programs in designated, strategically prioritized:

  • Counties

  • Cities

  • City Boroughs and Wards

  • Townships

The prioritization of these selected territories and the necessity of Directorships in them is based on market viability and population. Distro-Hub Directors are responsible for, maintaining and increasing activity and revenue in their territories by coordinating:

  • Brand Activation

  • Concert Promotions Activation

  • Fundraiser Activity

  • Internships

  • Power Building Initiative Activation

  • Product and Talent Discovery Activity

  • Referral Activity

  • Sales Channel Activation

  • Sales Team Activity

  • Social Media Support

  • Sponsorships on behalf of PGK Small Business and Corporate Alliances and Associations