PGK Team Captains

PGK Team Captains are highly networked, self-motivated, creative leaders who build and manage sales teams consisting of at least two (2) PGK Lifestyle Associates who are consistently and successfully active in various PGK Distribution Channels. PGK Team Captains are also the lead Partner Specialists on their teams.

PGK Team Captains work in a decentralized fashion to build their sales teams on a local, regional, national or international level, according to their scope and individual preference. A PGK Team Captain is required to be a Partner Specialist in at least one (1) Channel. PGK Team Captains are knowledgeable in all the active Distribution Channels that apply to their team members. Also, other than having at least two (2) team members in addition to themselves, PGK Team Captains Refer more other team members and have the authority to supervise their work and request removal from their teams if necessary with approval from a Territory Directors.

  • PGK Team Captains earn a 25% gross commission on all of their personal Sales and Sponshorships

  • PGK Team Captains earn a 1% gross commission on all of their team members' Sales and Sponshorships

  • PGK Team Captains earn a 5% gross commission on all Sales and Sponshorships made by people they refer to PGK