More PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFT Benefits!

50% of NFT Revenue Goes to Local Scholarships in the Initial Owner's Zip Code!!!

15% of Golden Ticket NFT Resale Revenue Goes to Scholarships!!!

Direct Impact In the NFT Owner's Community

A first-generation owner of a PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFT who chooses to complete the optional registration form and target a particular community with the Scholarship portion of their NFT purchase can do so by entering their chosen community's zip code on the form. They can also option in by entering their name and having their participation in the awarding of the scholarship made public along with information about the scholarship itself.

However an owner chooses to donate the scholarship portion of their Golden Ticket NFT purchase, whether publicly or anonymously, the PGK Scholarship In Education Fund and Datavault Technologies implements a coordinated campaign of press releases and other forms of publicity.

The Commemorative Golden Ticket NFT Scholarship Portion

The following is the fundamental procedural outline for how the PGK Scholarship in Education Fund distributes local scholarship revenue that results from the sale of PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs.

Someone purchases a Commemorative Golden Ticket NFT for $500.00

If they choose to complete the optional Donation and Membership Form we then reach out to a school or child caretaker organization in the same city, state, or zip code that the purchaser has chosen

If the purchaser of the NFT chooses to be mentioned, we let the school or organization know that PGK and Datavault, on behalf of the purchaser, are donating $250.00 on behalf of the purchaser to a deserving child. This money can be used for books, tuition, meal programs, and/or other school related expenses. In the case of some scholarships, funding for summer school, summer camps, or daycare services is included


Purchasers of Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs also have the option of giving a PGK's Adventure Club Membership as a gift to a child they choose or donating it to a child who's chosen by the PGK Scholarship in Education Fund

Commemorative Golden Ticket NFT scholarship revenue not donated locally goes into the PGK Scholarship in Education Fund national fund

Local Golden Ticket NFT Scholarship Categories

Local Golden Ticket NFT Scholarship Categories include tuition or funds for the following:

Accredited Universities



Meal Programs

Performing and Creative Arts Schools

Private School Tuition

Summer Camps


Vocational Schools

Increasing the Value of Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs

Also expected to increase the value of PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs is the combination of cross marketing campaigns and other wide-ranging strategies. These strategies are developed at the corporate level and by PGK's multiple autonomous business groups as they fulfill their visions. PGK business group strategies and activities are often driven at the local level in conjunction with the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund with its Community Empowerment Programs and Youth Power Building Initiatives.

International Benefits

International purchasers of PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs receive benefits from the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund where allowable by local and international laws and regulations, including scholarships for educational institutions where tuition is required to attend.


Charitable grants and donations from each prorated 50% portion of international sales revenue from PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs will be made available in countries where education is provided for free and scholarships are not necessary. This is done to support PGK’s commitment to empower and enrich the lives of children globally.  

In addition, each Inaugural 100 NFT comes with complimentary PGK Power Building Learning Tools, Modules, and/or music from PGK Music Box. Owners of PGK Commemorative Inaugural 100 NFTs should feel free to share PGK's fun and empowering music with children and the parents of young children they know, introducing them to the PGK Sound. Children can learn these songs as a way to prepare for future PGK contests, showcases, auditions, events and a host of other fun, empowering activities.



Adventure Club Membership
Donate to any Child

Free: Valued a $450.00