Not just a vanity purchase but an

investment in long-term opportunity!

PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs

The Inaugural 100

Also expected to increase the value of PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs is PGK's comprehensive marketing strategy, which coordinates countless cross marketing opportunities. These marketing opportunities and their associated campaigns are a result of PGK's unique combination of cutting-edge children's products, services and programs, PGK's numerous brands, trademarked characters, compelling tales and adventures, as well as multiple PGK sales and distribution channels, PGK's autonomous business groups, and the PGK nonprofit Scholarship in Education Fund.

As is the case with all investors in NFTs, purchasers of PGK Commemorative Golden Ticket NFTs are free to resell their NFTs on the open NFT market. Each Inaugural 100 NFT includes a complimentary Promiseland Park Smart-Album from PGK Music Box. Individual songs from this album will be available as separate NFTs as well. Owners of each PGK Inaugural 100 NFT should feel free to share this music with any children they know and their parents, allowing them to be introduced to the PGK Sound.

Introducing Children and Their Parents to the Emerging Cryptocurrency & NFT Ecosystem

In keeping with our mission to empower children, we at PGK have established a focused, long-term campaign to introduce children and their parents to the emerging cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem. It should be noted that this ecosystem isn't on its way. It's already here, and it's growing.


PGK creates and sells a wide variety of PGK branded NFTs and not just for the rich and famous or traders of digital art. Many of our NFTs are donated by PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative Sponsors. In fact, a Golden Ticket NFT comes with every purchase of a PGK product. PGK NFTs provide children and parents, including those who live in technologically underserved communities with the following opportunities:

  • Affordable access to NFT investment opportunities
  • Exposure to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and associated technological advances
  • Exposure to cutting-edge business practices, new career opportunities, and future areas of study


Children and parents who for various reasons are historically "late to the game" when it comes to new technologies can access PGK NFTs and their digital asset and real-world benefit add-ons through the following platforms:

  • PGK Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries where the NFTs are donated by Sponsors
    • Sponsor Pages
  • The PGK Clubhouse Megastore
  • PGK Lifestyle Associate Pages
  • PGK Sales Channel Landing Pages
    • PGK Fundraiser Pages
    • PGK Barbershop & Salon Pages
    • PGK Retail Alliance Pages
  • PGK Affiliate Links

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