PGK Empowerment Specialist Profile

Leveraging the Initial Attraction to What We Do

One of our notable advantages lies in the genuine warmth and appeal associated with our offerings, creating a cute factor that resonates with most individuals. The concept of providing advanced education for children is well-received, particularly through our educational music and charming characters. The blend of education and entertainment, coupled with the reward system using Big Prize Token Points, garners widespread appreciation. People also connect with the notion of community building and our ability to introduce children to technology, recognizing the broader impact of our business model on the empowerment of children, their families, and communities.

General Profile

The most successful type, which we've consistently thrived with, comprises individuals entering the partnership with established networks and relationships. These connections can be personal, within fraternities or sororities, political or community-oriented, or related to business.

Historically, our outreach has included collaborations with police unions, fire department unions, small businesses, storefronts, mayors, councilmen, and other similar entities. Individuals with these extensive networks can drive immediate revenue transactions or refer opportunities and connections from their networks. The longevity of their initial leads or ideas often extends over a prolonged period.

Additionally, some individuals may not be prominent in local communities but possess significant relationships in the digital realm, particularly on social media and other digital marketing platforms.


Past Successful Profile Attributes

  • Entrance with diverse and extensive networks and close relationships.
  • Initial interest in fundamental business information, leading to a sound knowledge base and effective communication.
  • Total focus on the specific sales channel's strategies without being swayed by contrary theories, opinions, or philosophies.
  • Success derived from minimal latency between discussions, identification of opportunities, and follow-up actions.
  • Consistent follow-up on successful outcomes.
  • Sustained activity weekly.
  • Consistent data entry into sales and referral pipelines.

Secondary Profile Attributes

  • Higher levels of knowledge and experience.