PGK Community Engagement Specialists

Community Engagement Specialists are PGK Lifestyle Associates who work in partnership with the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund and the PGK Lifestyle Recruitment & Expansion Division. Working through the Community Engagement sales channel, their primary responsibility is to strengthen community relationships with Sponsor and Recipient partnerships.

The Recipients are caretaker organizations such as public schools, private schools and daycares that agree to participate in our programs. Usually these organizations are underfunded and outdated in terms of books and educational tools and can really use the support of community businesses or organizations who care enough to address their issues and step up to help with financial support.

Strengthening Your Community partnered the
The PGK Scholarship In Education Fund


These Sponsors are kindhearted businesses, organizations and individuals who agree to support PGK’s Youth Empowerment Initiatives by purchasing PGK products such as educational tools and books then happily donating them to Recipient Organizations, creating unique opportunities for Sponsors to promote their brands or their causes and resulting in closer ties to their communities. The Sponsors are real community Superheroes. AND, keep in mind that all donations are tax deductible.

Community Engagement Specialists bridge the gap between the two, organizing the relationships and transactions from start to finish. Therefore Recipients receive their Educational Tools or Books as donations from their program Sponsors then distribute them to the children under their care.

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