PGK NFT Vaults

Free to All Customers with purchase of any PGK Product

Parents, your child's PGK Clubhouse membership, included with any sponsored or purchased PGK product, comes with incredible perks. Let's delve into the benefits of the PGK NFT Vault, powered by Datavault Holdings:

1. Creation & Storage of NFTs:

The Vault allows children to create and securely store their digital artworks, music, voice assets, videos, and more as unique digital assets.

2. Participation in Engaging Contests:

Their creations—videos, audios, illustrations, and paintings—can be used in exciting PGK Contests. Compete against kids nationwide and stand a chance to win amazing gifts, prizes, and scholarships.

3. Secure Haven for Valuables & Learning Rewards:


The PGK NFT Vault is your child's digital fortress. It not only safeguards valuable digital items like the PGK Golden Ticket NFT, earned through commendations, events, and correct answers on PGK apps but also stores Big Prize Tokens obtained from completing Power Learning Modules and participating in PGK events. This secure vault ensures that their achievements and rewards are kept safe and easily accessible.

4. Valuable NFT Opportunities:

Eligible children can receive high-valued Big Prize NFTs funded by sponsors and PGK. These NFTs offer significant value, including gifts, prizes, and scholarships worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.

5. Educational Empowerment:

The PGK Clubhouse Memberships go beyond educational tools, introducing high-level careers and skills, providing fun Power Learning Tools, and lifelong opportunities.

In simple terms, the PGK NFT Vault is a secure digital space where kids create, store, and protect their digital creations and rewards. It offers access to engaging contests, valuable rewards, and scholarships, fostering educational growth and fun experiences.

Remember, PGK is dedicated to nurturing your child's growth, introducing them to the fascinating world of 'Crypto Fun,' and ensuring a future full of possibilities!