Promiseland Park COVID-19 Interactive Audio Book Series

PGK, Promiseland Global Kids, presents the Promiseland Park COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Reader Series. The books in this series are carefully designed and pitched to match the interest, grade and reading levels of children in the following reading comprehension levels/grades:

  • Pre-Level 1 - Pre-K

Early Readers: Basic sight words, limited vocabulary, repetition for early reading, simple sentences, large pictures

  • Level 1 - Kindergarten

Readers beginning to read with assistance: basic vocabulary, simple sentences, large pictures

  • Level 2 - 1st Grade

Readers beginning to read with less assistance: more developed vocabulary, simple sentences, large pictures

  • Level 3 - 2nd Grade

Readers beginning to read independently: basic/grade level vocabulary, simple sentences, large pictures

  • Level 4 - 3rd Grade

Independent Readers: reading and grade level words, simple sentences, complex sentences, large pictures


In addition to being designed to accommodate various levels of early reading comprehension, the books in this series balance the need to communicate potentially life-saving healthcare information with young children's natural curiosity and desire to learn through play and a sense of fun.

This balance is achieved by combining practical hygiene practices with level/grade-specific instructions and guidelines for parents and teachers. These instructions and guidelines foster interactive engagement with children, reinforce the information presented in the lessons, and improve reading comprehension skills.

In addition, each book contains a list of Fry sight words. These words - named for Dr. Edward Fry who compiled them in the 1950s and updated them in 1980 - are high frequency words specifically targeted towards young children. It is widely accepted that in order to read and comprehend fluently, young readers must be able to recognize these words immediately on sight. The inclusion of Fry sight words in the Promiseland Park COVID-19 Book Series provides parents and teachers with opportunities to reinforce the importance of their children understanding these words.

Clearly, the significance of such high frequency words is not to be underestimated given the fact there is a direct correlation between childhood literacy/reading comprehension and sustainable success in higher educational pursuits and adulthood.

Regarding children's health and their direct participation in helping to keep their loved ones safe, the Promiseland Park COVID-19 Book Series supports internationally recognized standards for general hygiene and safety practices as they apply to protection against germs, especially the Novel Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.


In spite of the serious subject matter, children will love to read books from the Promiseland Park COVID-19 Book Series, whether under adult guidance or independently. Titles include:

  • Germs, Germs, Germs!
  • No, Germs, No!
  • Nancy Wears a Mask
  • When Germs Visit
  • Germs Are Everywhere!


Each lesson is taught by beloved PGK trademarked characters such as:

  • Kevin the Kangaroo
  • PG the Kangaroo
  • Kelly the Kangaroo
  • Professor Lessons
  • Mr. Jones
  • Ms. Santiago
  • And PGK Whiz Kids

Full Color Digital Interactive Audio Book

Available in One or Two Languages

English - Spanish

English - Hindi

English - Portuguese


Digital Interactive Audio Book

"Germs, Germs, Germs!"

"No, Germs, No!"

"Little Nancy Wears a Mask"

"When Germs Visit"

"Germs are Everywhere!"

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