Fundraisers Elevator Pitch

Hello, I’m [First Name] a PGK Fundraiser Specialist.


PGK stands for Promiseland Global Kids. We're a multimedia children's education and entertainment conglomerate.


We have  

  • Our For Profit Businesses,
  • Our Nonprofit Scholarship in Education Fund,
  • And our own independent Distribution Channels.


We inspire kids to desire knowledge, and we empower entrepreneurs with affordable, legitimate opportunities to join us and to generate unlimited income.


Now, I’d like to take a moment to speak with you about our Fundraiser program. At PGK we are committed to creating cutting-edge products that combine education and entertainment in ways that inspire children to learn.


Our Fundraiser program is now offering:

  • Community Organizations
  • Churches
  • Day Cares
  • Charter Schools
  • Sports Clubs
  • High Schools
  • Family Reunions
  • and Others

access to our unique line of great children's products for the purpose of raising funds for programs and things like equipment and facilities - all at NO COST!


Just in case you missed that, I’ll say it again. NO COST! You’ll put no money out yet you'll have access to all of our branded products such as our Books, Toys, Activewear, Educational Tools, Music and our digital "Easy Learning" Interactive Apps, which entertain kids while they learn.


PGK handles the branding of your organization such as your logo, which will be on all of your activewear, coffee mugs, hats, t-shirts and much more.


There are multiple ways to generate revenue through our Fundraisers that will blow your mind! PGK Fundraisers are the solution to having your fundraiser needs met, at absolutely no cost to you. So raise funds the NEW WAY with PGK and gain so much more as you do. Let’s talk about it.

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