PGK Golden Ticket NFTs

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets: The Inaugural 100

Free to Customers with Every PGK Product
A Gift to Kids from Supporting Sponsors
A Source of Scholarship Funding for Kids

PGK Complimentary and Sponsored Golden Ticket NFTs

PGK Golden Ticket NFTs are offered at no additional cost with any purchase of PGK products sold through e-commerce, fundraisers, a PGK Retail Alliance, or sponsored Youth Empowerment Initiatives such as PGK Adopt-A-Programs.

In the case of sponsored initiatives, PGK works together with a Sponsor to make complimentary PGK Golden Ticket NFTs available to a specific population of children - a school, daycare, youth sports league, etc. These complementary NFTs serve as proof that the children who own them are automatically eligible for participation in future PGK Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries, where their Sponsor or another Sponsor donates higher value NFTs as prizes for the children who hold winning Golden Tickets.

After a complementary Golden Ticket NFT is distributed to each child participating in a PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative, future winners of Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries are announced when the Lotteries are held. In the case of sponsored NFT lotteries, each winning child receives a higher value NFT that a Sponsor has agreed to purchase from PGK and donate to the winners. This agreement is reached prior to all sponsored NFT Lotteries and includes NFTs that have predetermined values.

Acquiring PGK Golden Ticket NFTs and higher value NFTs that can potentially increase in value, introduces children and adult novices to the emerging Cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem.


Introducing Children and Their Parents to the Emerging Cryptocurrency & NFT Ecosystem

In keeping with our mission to empower children, we at PGK have established a focused, long-term campaign to introduce children and their parents to the emerging cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem. It should be noted that this ecosystem isn't on its way. It's already here, and it's growing.


PGK creates and sells a wide variety of PGK branded NFTs and not just for the rich and famous or traders of digital art. Many of our NFTs are donated by PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative Sponsors. In fact, a Golden Ticket NFT comes with every purchase of a PGK product. PGK NFTs provide children and parents, including those who live in technologically underserved communities with the following opportunities:

Affordable access to NFT investment opportunities

Exposure to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and associated technological advances

Exposure to cutting-edge business practices, new career opportunities, and future areas of study


Children and parents who for various reasons are historically "late to the game" when it comes to new technologies can access PGK NFTs and their digital asset and real-world benefit add-ons through the following platforms:

PGK Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries where the NFTs are donated by Sponsors

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The PGK Clubhouse Megastore

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