PGK Interactive Smart-Books

Complete with Instructions, Exams, and Assessment Tools
for Parents and Teachers

Promiseland Park's Fight Covid-19 Interactive Audio Smart-Book is designed and pitched to match the interest, grade and reading levels of children, while including Instructions and Assessment Tools for Teachers and Parents.

In addition to being designed to accommodate various levels of early reading comprehension, the books in this series balance the need to communicate potentially life-saving healthcare information with young children's natural curiosity and desire to learn through play and a sense of fun.

Interactive Audio Smart-Book Features

Children receiveā€¦

  • Lifetime access their own Smart-Book accounts that can be upgraded with new content at later times
Children can...
  • Enjoy the Audio Smart-Books independently or under the instruction and guidance of Parents and Teachers
  • Make Bookmarks throughout their Smart-Book(s)
  • Take Personal Notes and download them at a later time.
  • Highlight any text in the book
  • Access their Smart-Books on up to three devices
Interactive Audio Smart-Books come with...
  • Narration and text on each page
  • Multiple Pop Quizzes throughout the story

Sample a Interactive
Smart-Book Quiz