Module 1 Exercise: PGK Free Song Giveaway


For your first of four weekly exercises you are to participate in a PGK Free Song Giveaway, which will allow you to earn income during training as well as beyond for those who become PGK Lifestyle Associates. A great benefit to this exercise is that it allows you to start building up your email marketing database, which is presently a top digital marketing strategy.


When someone downloads the free PGK song it is at this point that all sales, clicks and website visits associated with the email addresses in your database are tracked to you. This is advantageous to you because it is at this point that all future sales associated with the emails from your database are tracked.


Steps for the giveaway include the following:

  • PGK provides you with an Online Link for a free song that you can email or text to anyone you wish.
  • You can also post the Online Link on any of your social media pages.
  • Anyone who clicks on the link and wishes to download the Free Song must fill out a form that includes their email address. This is an example of how an email database can be built.
  • Thereafter any purchases made at the online PGK Clubhouse Megastore by the owners of email addresses associated with your Free Song Giveaway Online Link are automatically tracked to you by a digital cookie.
  • You receive commissions on all sales generated by the PGK Free Song Giveaway for the duration of your digital cookies.
    • PGK Lifestyle Associate Trainees have a 90-day digital cookie.
    • Newly certified PGK Lifestyle Associates have a 1-year cookie.
    • After one year the duration of a cookie can be extended up to a lifetime in keeping with the status of the PGK Lifestyle Associate it's tracked to.
  • Retrieve your PGK Free Song Giveaway materials from PGK Training Administration.