PGK Lifestyle Careers

All PGK Lifestyles have two things in common. They all directly support PGK's mission by empowering kids and their communities, and they all appeal to a spirit of entrepreneurship. There are multiple pathways to a PGK Lifestyle, many of which intersect, providing exciting opportunities to use multiple skills, exercise initiative, and satisfy a wide variety of interests.


Regarding our recruitment of PGK Lifestyle Associates, we are committed to discovering talent and rewarding drive. At PGK we understand that talent is often overlooked, and we're committed to finding it. But, we also understand that talent alone is never enough. Again, at PGK we seek to discover and empower those who are driven.

Compensation Basics

All PGK Lifestyle Associates are compensated through customized Commissions Packages that include a combination of the following:

  • Sales Commissions
  • Social Media Support Commissions
  • Referral bonus
  • Recruitment Commissions
  • Talent Discovery Commissions
  • Product Discovery Commissions
  • Talent Discovery Royalties

The basic Commision Structure for all PGK Lifestyle Associates is as follows:

  • Offline Sales
    • 20% gross revenue commission on all sales
    • 5% gross revenue Social Media Support Commission
    • 3% gross revenue Direct Referral Bonus
    • 5% gross Future Moguls Direct Referral Bonus
    • 10% gross revenue commission on sales to Boards of Education and/or Private Educational Networks

PGK Lifestyle Associates are not required to purchase the products they sell. This means a higher profitability and Return on Investment!

PGK Lifestyle Academy Training

PGK Training is extensive, comprehensive, and challenging, but unlike much of what you were exposed to in school, all of the information provided here contributes to PGK's commitment to provide you with opportunities to maximize your success and prosperity.

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