*No Monthly Fees!
*No Required Purchases of Products!
*Higher Profit Margins!
*Grandfathered Accounts!

Discounted Registration Packages

Applicants who register also have the option of purchasing registration packages that include marketing materials and apparel. Though each of these marketing tools are optional, each one can contribute greatly to the individual’s success. Marketing materials and apparel that are included in these packages such as business cards, or PGK Lifestyle branded apparel are significantly discounted and are a great option for applicants who are confidently committed to their success in training and committed to a PGK Lifestyle Career.

However, since all one-time Registration Fees are non-refundable, PGK Lifestyle Associate Candidates certainly retain the option of utilizing the Standard $29.99 Registration Fee.

* PGK Lifestyle Academy Training

* PGK Music Box Digital Sample Pack

* PGK Lifestyle Associate Business Page

* PGK Product, Service, and Program Sample Book