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The PGK Retail Alliance for Kids is a transformative initiative within PGK's Community Empowerment Programs, introducing children aged 4-9 to high-level careers and skills. Retailers sponsor children, seamlessly included in their Retail Alliance Membership, providing extended marketing services and initiating a dynamic educational journey. The program covers Language Learning as a foundation, with children progressing to subjects like Financial Literacy, Legal Studies, Coding, and Vocational trades. Businesses, acting as community hubs, foster local support, recognizing their pivotal role. Children actively engage, accumulating PGK Big Prize Tokens for correct answers, unlocking sponsored gifts, exciting prizes, and invaluable scholarship opportunities. This initiative enriches lives and lays the foundation for lifelong learning journeys, fostering a synergistic relationship between businesses, families, and communities. Join us in shaping a future where businesses, children, and communities flourish together through local support, appreciation, a commitment to lifelong learning, and the prosperity of businesses in our communities.

Elevate Learning Experience: Join PGK Retail Alliance

  • Unlock lifelong learning for ages 4-9

  • Diversify education with Financial Literacy, Legal Studies, Coding, and Vocational trades


Exclusive Clubhouse Access for Every Purchase

  • Inclusive PGK Clubhouse Membership

  • Tailored Learning Tools for personalized education


Transform Your Store Into a Community Support Hub

  • Vital role as a Partner with City and State Distribution Hubs

  • Cultivate genuine relationships with parents and community supporters


Empower Your Business and Community

  • Propel growth with Marketing, Revenue Streams, and Educational Materials

  • Encourage community shopping and earn 25% from new customers


Local Impact From
All Products Sold

  • Inclusive Membership with PGK Merchandise

  • Rewarding Participation with points, gifts, prizes, and scholarships


Maximize Earnings: Special Referral Bonus for Retailers

  • Earn a 5% Gross Commission Bonus for two years

  • Foster long-term revenue through Retailer Career and Talent Portals


Seamless Customer Involvement

  • Dynamic engagement with PGK Power Learning Apps

  • Complimentary Scholarship Accounts for enhanced membership



  • Avoid inventory and administration hassles


Community Hero: Business Membership Tiers

  • Foster pride with PGK Regional Pride products

  • Ideal for various businesses in the PGK Retail Alliance


Transform Business and Community

  • Embark on a transformative journey

  • Enrich lives, foster local support, and invest in education and community empowerment.