Dear Mayor Armstead,

Dear Mayor Armstead,

Thank you for your past support in sponsoring children with our Educational Tools. We propose an enhanced system for effortlessly tracking each child and accessing parents' details. Imagine books with an accompanying app rewarding children for correct answers, leading to gifts, prizes, and scholarship opportunities. Parents can opt-in to a Scholarship and Family Enrichment Fund.

For 4 to 9-year-olds, the journey begins with Language Learning. Future PGK Power Learning Apps will cover subjects like Financial Literacy, Trades, Legal Studies, and more—provided by PGK and follow-up sponsors.

Your original group of children can now expand into larger, interconnected communities—offering sustained visibility and communication with potential voters for years, all through a one-time fee.

Click to explore how the PGK Community Empowerment Program can bring enduring advantages to you and the community you serve.

Best Regards,

Law Cunningham CEO