PGK Read-A-Thon Book Banks

The PGK Read-A-Thon Book Bank is a network of on location and online organizations - libraries primarily - that participate in making PGK Interactive Smart-Books and other PGK Educational Tools available to the children in their communities. These Educational Tools support PGK's Youth Empowerment Initiatives:

  • Literacy
  • Health & Fitness
  • Performing & Creative Arts
  • The Environment
  • Multilingual Education
  • S.T.E.M.
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
  • Financial Literacy

which taken together are the cornerstone of PGK's vision. It's through PGK's Adopt-A-Program Campaign that Sponsors can contribute to and support their local PGK Book Banks.

Community Benefits

Book Bank/Library Benefits

Book Banks - most of whom will be Public Libraries - benefit from services provided by PGK. One such service is the Book Bank promotional stand-up or countertop displays that feature the Book Banks, the free PGK Smart-Book giveaways, and the participating Sponsors. Having been drawn to beloved PGK characters such as PG the Kangaroo, children and their parents will take delight in these displays as they enter their local libraries or check out books and other materials. Benefits to PGK Book Banks also include:


  • Having increased foot traffic in an age when the services they offer are in less demand
  • Having an inventory of free PGK Smart-Books they can give away to Local Children, many of whom would not be able to afford the Educational Tools
  • Having the option of hosting a PGK Read-A-Thon Live Show, featuring PG the Kangaroo
  • Having multiple Sponsors who provide them with PGK Educational Tools. The more sponsors, the better
  • The repeat patrons that come from supporting multiple PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives
  • Long-term promotional support from PGK

Recipient Benefits

Recipient Organizations benefit from the attention brought to their causes and the children they represent. These children are direct Recipients and receive a free Smart-Book or other free Educational Tool that represents the PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative they're participating in.



3rd-party Recipients benefit from being able to walk into their local libraries (Book Banks) and walk out with a free PGK Smart-Book or Educational Tool. These children and their parents leave their libraries, knowing that someone has acted on their behalf without their prior knowledge. The positive effects of such an interaction can last a lifetime.

PGK Book Bank Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors who support their local PGK Book Banks have a vested interest in doing so and benefit from marketing and promotional services that PGK provides for them. These include:

  • Acknowledgment of your Recipient/Book Bank support
    • Mention of your participation on the Book Bank landing page Banner
    • Link to your business' or organization's website on the Book Bank landing page
    • Stand-up Displays acknowledging your Recipient/Book Bank support, which are located in:
      • Local Libraries (Book Banks)
      • Local Retailers who aren't Sponsors but who offer Free Giveaways to promote your Local Book Bank. Sponsors have the option of including such Retailers


As a result of providing their local children with free Smart-Books or other Educational Tools, Sponsors benefit from becoming PGK Community Heroes, Regional Pride Representatives, and in the case of businesses they acquire new customers and inspire greater loyalty in existing customers.

Sponsorship Options

There are two options for being a PGK Book Bank Sponsor.

When participating in a specific Youth Empowerment Initiative, a Sponsor can be paired with a Recipient Organization such as a school, daycare, youth sports league, youth religious organization, etc. to whom they donate an agreed upon number of PGK Educational Tools. For every Smart-Book or other Educational Tool the Sponsor donates to their Recipient Organization, PGK will donate an Educational Tool to the Sponsor's Local Book Bank.


If they choose, a Sponsor can donate Educational Tools directly to the PGK Book Bank. Libraries and other pillars of the community who act as local Book Banks could have multiple Sponsors and participate in multiple Youth Empowerment Initiatives, all in an effort to provide Smart-Books for more children, especially those whose families aren't able to afford them.

By providing these options, Sponsors can create and enhance relationships with their Recipient Organizations, as well as with 3rd-party Recipients who otherwise might not have a relationship with the Sponsor or know about the Book Bank.

Local Retailer Benefits


Local Retailers who aren't Sponsors but who contribute Promotional Support to their local PGK Book Banks enhance their reputations as good neighbors in their communities. Their participation creates opportunities for them to increase their customer base and network with members of their communities.

PGK Music-Box Videos

Some of the Songs Performed at PGK Read-A-Thon Appearances

"Don't Be A Litterbug"

"Brush, Brush"

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