PGK Regional Pride products serve the strategic purpose of giving every Lifestyle Associate something to lead off with and pitch that is of great value to the potential customer, regardless of who the customer is or what business or organization they represent. As we acknowledge that PGK brands, products and characters may be new to particular markets and lacking in consumer awareness, having Regional Pride products at our disposal allows us to expand into new markets and scale our operations. It allows our entrepreneurs to shape themselves to perform in the markets they have access to.


Potential customers in new markets might have no interest in PGK's core mission - empowering kids and their communities, but because of an intense loyalty to their state, region, town, neighborhood or national heritage they might be greatly interested in what we offer in the way of Regional Pride products.


In any case, initial market penetration with Regional Pride products is still advantageous for us because PGK songs and interactive educational tools are attached to each product and available at checkout. In this way, we are able to increase the awareness of PGK children's products, services and programs nationwide. And, even though the digital content is discounted it's still marked into the retail price of each product, thereby making the digital line profitable even in this co-branding scenario.


PGK Regional Pride products display logos and brands that are designed in-house and trademarked by PGK. They include the following levels:

  • Regional Level, for example:
    • "Midwest Tough"
    • "Southwest Heat"
  • State Level, for example:
    • "Carolina Proud"
    • "Jersey Legends"
  • City Level, for example:
    • "Newark Bred"
    • "Albuquerque Always"


Levels can be broken down even further to accommodate neighborhoods, organizations, schools, etc. Using "Newark Bred", examples include:

  • "South Ward Newark Bred"
  • "Newark Bred First Responders"
  • "Newark Bred (high school mascot)"


All of our Regional Pride products display custom made logos and brands on various types of apparel, starting with:

  • T-shirts
  • Hats

then segueing to include:

  • Hoodies
  • Leggings
  • Bags/Backpacks
  • Bathing Suits
  • Blankets
  • Pillows


PGK Regional Pride product lines will be released into each territory seasonally, which extends each regional brand's shelf life by offering products throughout an entire year. This seasonal approach also serves as a tactical tool for all Lifestyle Associates, providing a practical means for them to enter more easily into new territories.


Other strategic advantages to the availability of PGK Regional Pride products include:

  • Other PGK sales channels benefit:
    • Fundraiser Sales Channel
    • Barbershop Alliance for PGK Kids under the Business to Business Sales Channel
  • The PGK Contact Center will use Regional Pride products as a frontline topic of discussion when targeting a new market or territory.

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