The PGK Scholarship in Education Fund - Unto Full Stature partnership is a 501(c)(3) joint venture in which PGK provides educational tools and services to children of all backgrounds through its Adopt-A-Program Literacy, Health and Language Learning campaigns, and the Unto Full Stature organization provides administrative services.

Does your community know what you do for It?


Does your community know what your business sells, what your organization's cause is, what you stand for?

Are you really a part of your community?

PGK Scholarship In Education Fund's Community Engagement Sales Channel provides unique services that forge bonds between municipalities, civic organizations, city officials, small businesses, large corporations, financial institutions (Sponsors), and organizations that service youth and would greatly benefit from our products and services (Recipient Organizations).

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We’re reaching out to you today to commend you on the great job your business/organization is doing in our community, and to remind you that more people need to know who you are and what you do.

PGK’S Community Engagement campaigns help businesses and organizations like yours reach out to more people while providing you the opportunity to be an even better neighbor by empowering children with the gift of knowledge.

PGK has the perfect platform to immediately create more brand awareness in your community, gather more information from more customers, and provide incentives for them to become your repeat customers/patrons.

Through the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund we have the power to further ingratiate businesses/organizations such as yours to their communities by providing children with interactive tools that improve their educational experiences and help them develop into life-long learners.

We’re seeking Sponsors to support local children by participating in Youth Empowerment Initiatives such as PGK’s Literacy and Health & Wellness campaigns which will establish closer, long-term community relationships as you help educate children and enrich their lives.

You will gain access to parents, teachers and other family members who download and login to the products you've sponsored for their children, further promoting your business/organization.


Adopt-A-Program Photos

PG the Kangaroo, Linden, NJ. Mayor Derek Armstead and Buffalo Wild Wings  celebrate another PGK Adopt-A-Program  book donation ceremony.

Sponsor packages above 250 Interactive Smart-Books include

  • Stand-Up Displays or posters
  • 50 fliers
  • Additional Free PGK Music giveaways for customers and client
  • and QR Codes

Kevin the Kangaroo Holding a QR Code

These Marketing Tools can all be placed in sponsor designated locations, recipient locations, and any other organizations or businesses that might support sponsor or recipient causes.

Furthermore, these large sized stand-up displays and posters feature each sponsor's brand as well as PGK trademarked characters like PG the Kangaroo. The QR codes that allow parents and children to access the Educational Tools you sponsor and free songs from PGK Music-Box Albums.


PGK’s Interactive Audio Smart-Books also come in dual language, combo formats such as:

  • English - Spanish
  • English - Hindi
  • English - Portuguese

We hope we can count on you to partner with PGK as a Community Engagement Sponsor Hero, and in that spirit we thank you in advance on behalf of the children in your community you choose to empower through your generous, tax deductible donation of PGK Interactive Audio Smart-Books!

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