PGK Sponsorship Script

"Good [morning/afternoon/evening], [Professional's Name]! Thank you for your time today. I'm thrilled to introduce an innovative opportunity that not only secures more leads for your company at a cost-effective rate but also amplifies brand visibility. Moreover, it initiates a community engagement program, linking your brand to the vast network of children, families, and supporters."


Engagement Opener:

"Imagine this: a one-of-a-kind clubhouse membership tailored for children aged 4 to 9, fostering early skills and offering glimpses into future career opportunities. This is complemented by the excitement of NFTs and Crypto fun, creating an immersive experience for both kids and families."


Key Value Proposition - Featured Logo Visibility:

"Our Featured Logo Visibility ensures your logo's strategic display in 10 prime spots, adaptable to your preferences. This guarantees maximum exposure to parents and supporters, directly linking to your specified pages and updates."

(Pause briefly for any immediate questions or clarifications)


Long-Term Engagement - Adaptable Sponsor Network:

"Through our Adaptable Sponsor Network, your involvement naturally grows with the children, expanding your network over time. Ongoing contests, rewards, and prizes, based on PGK Big Token points earned by children for correct answers and event participation, all announced with credit to you, ensure continuous engagement. Additionally, new sponsors provide follow-up learning Power Learning Tools for the children, creating an ecosystem that encourages frequent interactions between parents with other new sponsors as well."

(Invite questions to gauge interest or concerns)


Custom Lead Generation Options:

"We offer tailored lead generation programs that align with your objectives – be it revenue boost, enhanced marketing initiatives, or a fous on rewarding PGK Clubhouse Kids with points for their learning achievements, rewarding them with Gifts, Prizes, and Scholarships."

(Check for reactions or inquiries)


Additional Perks and Sponsor Control Center:

"Moreover, enjoy bonus brand promotions and access to our Sponsor Control Center, ensuring a secure and informed sponsorship experience. Gain valuable insights into protected data to optimize your strategies."


Conclusion and Call to Action:

"In essence, this streamlined lead generation strategy your to families and children aged 4 to 9, evolving as they grow. Together, we can effortlessly elevate your [Brand/Organization/Company/Campaign], captivating the hearts of kids, parents, and their communities while nurturing your networks over time. So, besides price, what would stop you from taking advantage of this opportunity today?"

(Allow space for feedback, questions, or further discussions)