The PGK Retail Alliance for Kids helps barbershops grow by positioning them to empower their local children and strengthen their communities.

Members receive Extended Marketing Services designed to grow their shops by attracting new customers and enhancing the experience of existing customers. Members also receive access to Additional Revenue Streams for their Shops.

Share the Gift of Knowledge with Children in Your Community

The Gift of Knowledge

  • All the Products You Sell come with PGK Interactive Educational Tools and Free Songs from PGK Music Box that You can Give as Gifts to Children in Your Community. They are immediately available at checkout.
  • For every purchase made through a Retail Alliance member, PGK will donate a Free Interactive Educational Tool to a PGK Read-Athon Book Bank, which is administered through your local library.

Significant Long-term Benefits

The Gift of Knowledge

  • An Enhanced In-store Experience for your adult and children Customers, made possible by your own Custom QR codes
  • An Even More Personal Relationship with Your Customers that Extends Beyond Your Shop.
  • Increased Word-of-mouth Advertising
  • Income from Children's Products that have an Extended Shelf Life
  • Additional Income when you Refer other Retail Alliance Members
  • Residual Income that is Tracked to you through Lifetime Digital Cookies.
  • Recognition as a Community Hero for Promoting Your Hometown and Sponsoring Local Children

Everybody wins!!! You Win as a local entrepreneur, Your Customers Win, the Children in Your Community Win, Your Community wins, and Small Businesses Win!

Marketing & Promotional Tools for the Retailer

Exciting Marketing & Promotional Tools to Grow Your Business include

  • A Free Custom E-commerce Landing Page that Serves as Your Online Shop
  • Free Custom Marketing Materials, featuring QR Codes that give Your Customers Quick & Easy Access to Your E-commerce Landing Page
    • In-store Stand-up Displays
    • PGK Interactive Educational Tools as Promotional Giveaways that feature your shop's brand and can be used on any device