PGK Smart-Book Library


7. Select the applicable Interactive Audio Smart-Book App.

8. Once you are inside the App, you will see a description of its contents, features and benefits.


Smart-Book description and Credits Page

9. Click the “Open Book” button.

Basic Smart-Book Tools

Children have access to the following tools which are available at the bottom of their device screens.


Search Bar

Children can search throughout the entire Smart-Book, and locate precise keyword positions.


Page Navigation

Navigation Arrows

Use the Right and Left Arrows to navigate from page to page.

2. Touch the middle of a page to scroll top to bottom within the frame of each page.

3. Touch outside the frame of a page to scroll from one page to the next.

4. An Audio Button is found at the bottom of each page below the images and text. Tap the button to hear the text on any given page.


Narration Play Button


5. Have your child take any Pop Quizzes they see. These quizzes are fun, informative, short, and results are immediately available. Use the Right Click Arrow to advance to the next page.

6. When your child has finished reading the entire book proceed to the Exams Section.


Exam Section

Word Picture Review

This is a refresher activity before the Exam Exercises begin. Have your child tap each Word Button to view a Pop Up that will aid in reinforcing their understanding of each word. If they cannot see the entire Word-Picture Review switch the mobile device to Desktop Site/View mode. Once the Review has been completed, you can switch out of Desktop mode.


Exercise 1 -Lesson Based Jigsaw Puzzle

Exercise 1 - Touch the puzzle pieces, and move them into place until the puzzle is complete.

Puzzle Hint

If your child needs a hint, have the child touch or click the Question Mark (?) in the upper-right of the screen.

What to start all over? Click the Garbage Can image to the left of the Question Mark

Exercise 2 - Split Worksheet

Fill in the Missing word.

1. Tap the empty spaces to see the word choices. Tap the correct word to insert it into the empty space.

Connect Words to Images

2. Drag the circle from the word to the correct image. If a mistake is made it can be corrected by dragging the circle to the correct image. At that point the mistake will disappear.

Drag and Drop

3. Drag and drop the words/phrases into the correct field.

Move Words into Place

Move each word into the correct order to create a sentence.

Exercise 3 - Lesson Based Crossword Puzzle

Exercise 4 - (Bonus Exercise) - Knowing Your Sponsor

Exercise 5 - Coloring Board

Contest Raffle

Children who successfully complete all of the Exam Sections can be registered - by parents and teachers only - for a Raffle Contest where gifts and prizes can be won. Regardless of the Raffle Contest results all children who successfully complete all of the Exam Sections will receive a special gift.  

  1. Review Raffle Contest Registration Information and examples of prizes that can be purchased with free PGK Gift Cards.
  2. Complete Exam Sections 1 through 5.
  3. Register for the Raffle Contest.