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Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs offers very affordable opportunities for driven individuals to become true entrepreneurs by earning income as owners of PGK Regional Storefront NFTs or PGK Select Storefronts.

These online Storefronts sell PGK (Promiseland Global Kids) products, services and programs centered around interactive multimedia educational tools and community initiatives and programs that empower children.  

Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs is a distribution company that incorporates the online and offline sales activities of PGK Storefront Owners, Team Captains, specialized affiliates called Brand Ambassadors, and others. Its primary strategic partner is the PGK Scholarship in Education Fund, a nonprofit provider of scholarships that is licensed to sell PGK products.

There are multiple pathways to a PGK Lifestyle, many of which intersect, providing exciting opportunities to use multiple skills, exercise initiative, and satisfy a wide variety of interests. All PGK Lifestyle Associates directly support PGK's mission by empowering kids and their communities, and they all appeal to a spirit of entrepreneurship.




  • PGK (Promiseland Global Kids) and other brand products are sold through Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs Select, Regional and Brand Ambassador Storefronts and include:

    • NFTs

    • Language Learning App Subscriptions

    • Educational Tools

    • Children's Activewear

    • Apparel

  • with brands such as:

    • Promiseland Park

    • Princess Promise

    • Regional Pride Apparel

    • PGK Mega Tienda

    • PGK Champions

    • Baby Roos








Select PGK Storefronts


  • Ownership of a PGK Regional Storefront NFT together with its accompanying Smart Contract, Certificate of Authenticity, and electronically signed agreement and electronically signed agreement serves as proof of prorated ownership in an exclusively branded online store that is bound to a particular territory.

    • * Metaverse sales revenue is not included in or is anyway associated with the sale or ownership of PGK Storefronts. However, owners of Regional Storefront NFT’s will be granted first right of refusal to purchase the applicable territory in the event that it becomes available on any metaverse platform.


    • Regional Storefront NFT owners earn revenue on Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs and PGK Lifestyle Associates sales made in their store territories, which include:

      • Borough or County

      • City

      • State

  • Regional Storefront NFT owners can also earn a 25% gross revenue commission on sales they make personally.

  • Another level of financial empowerment that Regional Storefront owners have is the fact that they can set the value of and sell their NFT anytime they choose.

  • Sources of sales revenue include:

    • Browser Sales

    • Affiliate Sales

    • PGK Lifestyle Associate Community Engagement Sales

Brand Ambassador Storefronts

Retail Alliance

The PGK National Retail Alliance for Kids offers an opportunity for Law Global Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs to empower their fellow local business entrepreneurs, as they in turn support and empower their local children by providing educational and entertainment opportunities.


Local shop owners can increase their revenue with no additional responsibilities or administrative headaches: no inventory, no shipping, and no returns. PGK Retail Alliance members receive extended marketing services custom designed to grow their shops by attracting new customers and enhancing the experience of existing customers. Members also receive access to additional revenue streams for their shops.

Princess Promise

Before she was the legendary freedom fighter Kez-Shey Bellar - "She who would not let it be" - Promise was a young princess who learned valuable life lessons about teamwork, courage, loyalty, respect and dignity side-by-side with her friends Gabrielle and Tiki. Future adventures concerning her destiny would be shaped by the lives, choices and circumstances surrounding her father King Barrick, his lifelong friends General Jaspari and Marshall U-Hotek, and her mysteriously absent brothers Princes Justice, Power and Sincere.

Children of Ert… We bring you the Adventures of Young Princess Promise!

Promiseand Park

Promiseland Park is an enchanting place full of fun and adventure where PG, Kelly and Kevin the Kangaroos along with their friends Furnando the Cat, Oakie the Oak Tree, and special guests entertain and teach children life lessons in the areas of core curriculum and curriculum enhancing subject matter, character building, personal care, care for our environment, and sometimes just plain having fun!

This cast of characters also forms the pop group Promiseland Park and is featured on single and album releases of original music from PGK Music Box. They're also featured in PGK digital and physical interactive educational tools, activewear, NFTs, PGK Youth Power Building Initiatives, and PG the Kangaroo's Promiseland Park Adventures coming soon from PGKTV. PGK Regional Pride products featuring individual Promiseland Park characters are not included in this collection.

Regional Pride Apparel

Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs sell PGK Regional Pride Apparel and other Regional Pride Products. Whether you're from Newark, New Jersey, Pageland, South Carolina, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chicago, Illinois, or anywhere else in the country you can enjoy hats, t-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, jackets, games and other popular merchandise that's customized for your town, city, state or region. And, who wouldn't enjoy the thrill of representing their home?!

When you support and represent your hometown or region through a PGK Regional Pride purchase, a child also gets a memorable educational and musical experience! You get a great product, a child is empowered, a community is represented, and yes, our company grows. Everybody wins!

Enterprise Storefronts

Learning Apps

Mega Tienda

Baby Roos

Introducing the adorable Baby Roos for Toddlers! Back when PG, Kelly and Kevin the Kangaroos were the Baby Roos they also had fun adventures with their Promiseland Park toddler friends, singing songs that promote lively interaction and bonding between babies and adults. Mommy and Daddy will love singing songs like "Face Art" and "Left, Right, Left" to baby time and time again!

PGK Music Box

Learning Apps

Mega Tienda

Baby Roos

Introducing the adorable Baby Roos for Toddlers! Back when PG, Kelly and Kevin the Kangaroos were the Baby Roos they also had fun adventures with their Promiseland Park toddler friends, singing songs that promote lively interaction and bonding between babies and adults. Mommy and Daddy will love singing songs like "Face Art" and "Left, Right, Left" to baby time and time again!

PGK Music Box

Community Enterprise Storefronts

Family Value Department Store

Enhance your child's and their family's home experience and daily life through your use of the high quality products found here in the PGK Family Value Department Store… Whether it's tools for mom, cookware for dad, or a feeder for your beloved pet, get great Family Value for the family you value!

Easy Language Learning Apps

Law Global Enterprise Entrepreneurs is excited about the introduction of PGK Easy Language Learning Apps to our catalog and anticipate that they'll be among our most popular products. PGK Easy Language Learning Apps are a series of fully interactive digital apps developed jointly by PGK Educational Tools and PGK Interactive. Languages include:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French

PGK Champions Youth Sports

Every champion has a great story. The PGK Champions Youth Sports Collection is dedicated to the young athletes who create these heroic stories by challenging their physical and mental limits through disciplined training, devoted study, unwavering sportsmanship, and constant pursuit of greatness through athletic achievement. Enjoy PGK Champions apparel, merchandise, and the stories that inspire the collection.

PGK Champions Youth Sports

Now your kids can wear their favorite PGK characters to school and on play dates. PGK Activewear is comfortable, with no itchy tags or stiff fabrics. It is also durable enough to withstand the rigorous demands of playful activity. Our gear is also fashionable and can be mixed and matched, allowing children to establish their own sense of style. Best of all, PGK Activewear is affordable.

Affiliate Storefronts