PGK’s Additional Support of Sponsors

PGK is comprised of multiple business groups working collectively to



and Distribute all PGK



and Programs

Beginning with  

The PGK Music Box Record Company

PGK Interactive, creator of PGK Smart-Apps

PGK Books, creator of PGK Smart-Books

PGK Lifestyle Associates Distribution and Sales

along with the Nonprofit PGK Scholarship In Education Fund

Which has the chief responsibility of coordinating

PGK Youth Power Building Initiatives, which use PGK Power Learning Tools

All PGK for profit businesses donate a percentage

of their sales to support the further implementation of PGK Adopt-A-Program Sponsorships, which includes

the promotion of Golden Ticket Lotteries held by Previous Sponsors

to Holiday

and Birthday Gifts

for Children

the enhancing of Benefits for and the Acknowledgment of Participating Sponsors

the availability of additional opportunities  

This policy of Coordinated Support between all PGK LLCs, Corporations and Nonprofits

Is a mandatory policy established by Law Cunningham

the Founder of Promiseland Global Kids

to ensure that children are empowered

and their communities are enriched.