Does your community know what your business sells, what your organization's cause is, what you stand for?

Are you really a part of your community?

Consider Community Engagement through the PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read campaign.

PGK's Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign

As the nonprofit arm of PGK, the Scholarship in Education Fund manages PGK's Adopt-A-Program to Read campaign. The PGK Scholarship in Education Fund's mission is to pursue and where possible achieve the ideal of a level playing field as it pertains to the financing of educational opportunities for children and youth, pre-K through college.

We are looking for your organization's support for this campaign which you provide through your sponsorship of a Recipient Organization such as a school or daycare. Your support helps us in our mission while further endearing your organization to your community.

Each Adopt-A-Program to Read educational tool sponsored by your organization features customized branding on your choice of the 1st or the 1st and 2nd pages of the books. This branding will encourage children, their parents, and other caregivers to remember and appreciate that your organization provided such a gift every time they open their books. You also have the option of choosing the language for your books as agreed upon by you and your Recipient Organization.


PGK's Adopt-A-Program to Read Featured Products

This is the initial campaign, undertaken in support of the PGK Youth Empowerment Literacy Initiative. Promiseland Park’s Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book, 2nd Edition and The Adventures of Young Princess Promise are the featured educational tools used in the Adopt-A-Program to Read campaign.


  • Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book, 2nd Edition

This interactive learning tool was developed by PGK Educational Tools LLC then revised by Dana Kearney, founder and owner of Village Babies Development Center in South Orange, New Jersey. The platform is enhanced by the inclusion of cutting-edge PGK Music Box songs such as: "Addition Facts 1 - 6" and "Don't be a Litterbug". Its lesson modules, performed by beloved PGK characters, are designed to challenge children’s spelling, word recognition, math skills, and memorization skills while covering subjects as varied as social skills, personal responsibility, and the environment.


  • The Adventures of Young Princess Promise (Vol. 1)

Volume 1 of this PGK Books adventure series was created by Law Cunningham, written by Gioya McRae, wonderfully illustrated by Alejandra de la Cruz, and includes: a comprehension quiz, a word search, and a Princess Promise glossary, each designed to enhance a child's educational experience. As Princess Promise navigates her childhood on planet Rahm she serves as a beacon of female empowerment and role model for every girl and boy who shares in her adventures.

Featured Adopt-A-Program to Read Products

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Key Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign Roles

  • PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read Sponsors

These Sponsors are businesses, organizations and individuals who agree to support PGK’s Youth Empowerment Literacy Initiative by purchasing then donating PGK educational tools and books to Recipient Organizations, thereby creating unique opportunities for Sponsors to promote their brands/causes and resulting in closer ties to their communities.


  • PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read Recipients

These Recipients are caretaker organizations such as public and private schools and daycares that agree to participate in the program. They receive their books as donations from their program Sponsors then distribute them to the children under their care.


  • PGK Community Engagement Specialists

These Specialists manage the logistics for each Sponsor-Recipient transaction and any associated events as well as assist in a Sponsor's selection of a Recipient Organization when necessary.


"Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book is a meaningful educational workbook that, I believe, will support the development of literacy in our young readers.

As an educator and owner of an early childhood center, I believe in fostering reading through well-written books that support learning.

With this wonderful workbook PGK Educational Tools gives parents and teachers an opportunity to readily assess their children's level of literacy and mastery of other fundamental early education skills. PGK accomplishes this by providing instructional exercises and songs that are age-appropriate and fun.

I recommend Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book and support its use in early childhood education."

Dana Kearney

Founder and owner of Village Babies Development Center in South Orange, New Jersey.

"This is an important and significant donation, and I am grateful to collaborate with E' Port Pres and PGK on this effort... Our focus must be on the next generation."

Councilman at Large Manny Grova

City of Elizabeth, NJ

"Introducing reading at a young age inspires children and provides a strong foundation for obtaining new information, expanding knowledge, and broadening horizons. Education is one of our key initiatives in Elizabeth, and there is always a need for more books."

Mayor Chris Bolwage

City of Elizabeth, NJ

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Keisha L. Peaks- Community Engagement Specialist

Keisha Peaks’ association with PGK began when her son auditioned for “PG the Kangaroo's Morning Show”. The Newark, NJ native’s role at PGK has grown significantly since volunteering to assist on-set with the PGKTV production. She presently serves as:

  • Executive Producer of PGK’s Global Talent Showcase
  • Executive Producer of “PG the Kangaroo's Morning Show”