Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book - 2nd Edition

Developed by PGK Educational Tools, Promiseland Park’s Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book 2nd Edition was revised by Dana Kearney an experienced, well-respected early childhood educator who is the founder and owner of Village Babies Development Center LLC located in South Orange, New Jersey. Promiseland Park's Audio Smart-Book is an interactive learning platform that is enhanced by the inclusion of cutting-edge songs from PGK Music Box LLC. Its lesson modules are designed to challenge children’s spelling, word recognition, math skills, and memorization skills while covering subjects as varied as social skills, personal responsibility, and the environment. Each Audio Smart-Book lesson module serves as a chapter in a comprehensive storyline that is narrated by beloved Promiseland Park characters who teach and encourage but also entertain young students, further motivating them to learn.