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Here's more about the our Music… and, Discover the Amazing PGK Sound!

Parent & Teacher Approved

Are you concerned with the music your child listens to?

Do you sometimes cringe when your child is singing a hot, catchy song because deep down you feel it might be too edgy?

We all know that the hot song isn't always appropriate for kids, so we at PGK (Promiseland Global Kids) invite you to discover the amazing PGK Sound!

The PGK Sound is the result of our decision to create cutting-edge music that your child will enjoy and learn from but that you and other adults can groove to without going crazy when your child plays a song over and over… and over. The contemporary, upbeat songs with driving rhythms in multiple styles are perfect for your child to enjoy at home, school, parties, play dates, or on-the-go as they ride with you in the car!

The PGK Sound!!! Fun for kids, cool enough for adults, and always inspiring and educational!

Children can enjoy the music at home!

Great on Play Dates!

PGK Music is cool enough for adults, and always inspiring and educational!

Fun at Parties!

Play it on-the-go while riding in the car!

Watch out for PGK's New ABC Song” Lip-Sync Video Contest!

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