Donald Cunningham of DLC Enterprises LLC Presents - Promiseland Park's Learning Spanish - Level 1

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"Giving Back" to the Communities that Invest in Us!

Free, and for the Children of Homeowners in Lilburn and Tucker, Georgia Aged 4-9

(Zip Codes 30047 and 30084

Explore a world of learning with the PGK Clubhouse Membership and Power Learning Tools designed for kids aged 4 to 9 in Lilburn and Tucker Georgia, backed by entrepreneur Donald Cunningham. This program introduces children to Promiseland Park's Learning Spanish - Level 1 app, offering an ongoing learning experience.

Through this membership, kids get access to various learning tools like apps and quizzes, earning rewards as they learn. Starting to learn a language early not only helps kids love languages but also prepares them for future job opportunities in our connected world.

Join us in helping kids develop language skills, thinking abilities, and cultural understanding, which are crucial in the job market. Being bilingual gives business-minded individuals an advantage, enhancing their communication skills for different opportunities, collaborations, and global connections.


Parents, imagine an engaging learning space where your child happily learns Spanish. Welcome to Promiseland Park's Learning Spanish - Level 1! Begin your child's enjoyable learning journey hassle-free at the PGK Clubhouse Megastore—no costs, no need for credit cards. Just click, download the music, find your Account Activation Email, and let the adventure begin!