PGK's Power Learning Smart-App Sampler

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PGK Power Learning Apps Sampler

PGK Power Learning Apps are fully interactive web-based and mobile apps developed jointly by PGK Educational Tools and PGK Interactive. Power Learning subjects include:

  • Pre-school and elementary school Core Curriculum and Curriculum Enhancing Lessons
  • Foreign language lessons, beginning with Spanish
  • Character building lessons
  • Discussions of topics important to kids such as bullying, the environment, and dental hygiene  

PGK Power Learning Apps also include these fun and exciting features: 

  • Narration by lovable PGK characters
  • Engaging Lessons created by certified educators
  • Visual Exercises that kids can easily navigate by touch screen or use of a mouse
  • Lessons supported by cutting-edge Songs from PGK Music Box
  • Popups that provide access to supporting Video, Audio, Text and Images that kids can color on screen
  • Various Quizzes such as Drag & Drop, True or False, or Multiple Choice after each lesson
  • Available for Subscription Services with monthly or annual payment plans
  • Downloadable to any digital device
  • Video access to certified teachers who guide kids through their lessons
  • Video access to PG the Kangaroo, PGK's most beloved character who also supports each lesson