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About PGK

PGK'S Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign

Literacy facts:

    • "Perhaps the most serious problem with current literacy campaigns is that they ignore, and even divert attention from, the real problem: Lack of access to books for children…"
  • Krashen, 2007
    • "A single, brief exposure to good reading material can result in a clear increase in enthusiasm for reading."  
  • Ramos and Krashen, 1998
    • "Creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading within months."
  • Louis Harris, 2003
    • "The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print."
  • Sanford Newman, 2000



Key Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign Roles

PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read Sponsors

These Sponsors are businesses, organizations and individuals who agree to support PGK’s Youth Empowerment Literacy Initiative by purchasing then donating PGK educational tools and books to Recipient Organizations, thereby creating unique opportunities for Sponsors to promote their brands/causes and resulting in closer ties to their communities.


PGK Adopt-A-Program to Read Recipients

These Recipients are caretaker organizations such as public and private schools and daycares that agree to participate in the program. They receive their books as donations from their program Sponsors then distribute them to the children under their care.


PGK Community Engagement Specialists

These Specialists manage the logistics for each Sponsor-Recipient transaction and any associated events as well as assist in a Sponsor's selection of a Recipient Organization when necessary.

Notable Adopt-A-Program Sponsors

Principal Butch Ingrahm & LaMarr Gunn

Wilmington, Delaware

Principal Butch Ingrahm & his Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten classes welcomed PG THE KANGAROO with open arms. LaMarr Gunn, who was running for Lt. Governor of Delaware, sponsored the event with 200 Educational Tools for the kids.

West Orange Fire Department

West Orange, New Jersey

Repeat Sponsors: Councilman at Large Manny Grova and Mayor Chris Bollwage

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Repeat Sponsor: Councilman Carlos Torres

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Mayor Chris Bollwage

Elizabeth, New Jersey

PGK Amazing Kids Day

West Orange, New Jersey

PG the Kangaroo and Kids - Buffalo Wild Wings

Linden, New Jersey

Sponsors: Mayor Derek Armstead and Buffalo Wild Wings  

Linden, New Jersey

Police Officer's Union, Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Pat Council - Director of Neighborhood Affairs, Newark, New Jersey - City Hall
Donation Ceremony at
George Washing Carver Elementary School

Newark, New Jersey

Repeat Sponsor: Linden Mayor Derek Armstead

Linden, New Jersey


On Location Displays

Sponsor Packages above 250 Interactive Audio Smart-Books include:

  • Stand-Up Displays or Posters featuring QR Codes
  • 50 Fliers
  • Additional Free PGK Music Giveaways clients can give to their customers

Kevin the Kangaroo Holding a QR Code

All of these Marketing Tools can be displayed in Sponsor designated locations, Recipient locations, and the locations of any organizations or businesses that support the Sponsor and Recipient causes.

Furthermore, these large, stand-up displays and posters feature each Sponsor's brand as well as PGK trademarked characters like Kevin the Kangaroo. The QR codes allow children and their parents to access Educational Tools and Free Song Giveaways from PGK Music Box.


PGK's Adopt-A-Program to Read Featured Products

This is the initial campaign, undertaken in support of the PGK Youth Empowerment Literacy Initiative. Promiseland Park’s Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book, 2nd Edition and The Adventures of Young Princess Promise are the featured educational tools used in the Adopt-A-Program to Read campaign.


* Each child receives a lifetime PGK Interactive Library account which is accessible on up to 3 devices.

Adopt-A-Program for Health

Adopt-A-Program to Read


Have your Business or Organization be Recognized for Introducing Children and their Parents to the Cryptocurrency and NFT Ecosystem!

PGK Complimentary Golden Ticket NFTs are offered at no cost with all sponsored Youth Empowerment Initiatives such as PGK Adopt-A-Programs.

Customized to Feature the Sponsor's Logo or Brand Name

Customized to Feature the Sponsor's Logo or Brand Name

In the case of its Youth Empowerment Initiatives, PGK works together with a Sponsor to make PGK Sponsored Golden Ticket NFTs available to a specific population of children - a school, daycare, youth sports league, etc. These Sponsored NFTs serve as proof that the children who own them are automatically eligible for participation in future PGK Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries, where their original Sponsor or a second Sponsor donates higher value NFTs as prizes for the children who hold winning Golden Tickets.


After a Sponsored Golden Ticket NFT is distributed to each child participating in a PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative, future winners of Golden Ticket NFT Lotteries are announced when the Lotteries are held. In the case of Sponsored NFT lotteries, each winning child receives a higher value NFT that a Sponsor has agreed to purchase from PGK and donate to the winners. This agreement is reached prior to all sponsored NFT Lotteries and includes NFTs that have predetermined values.


Acquiring PGK Golden Ticket NFTs and higher value NFTs that can potentially increase in value, introduces children and adult novices to the emerging Cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem.


PG the Kangaroo Live Appearance

Sponsors can enhance their experience of support by hosting a PGK Donation Ceremony, featuring a live appearance from PG the Kangaroo! Kids, Parents, Community Leaders, Sponsor and Recipient Representatives are all welcome!

A PG the Kangaroo Appearance is Included in:

The Gold Hero Package - Sponsor donates 300 or more Interactive Audio Smart-Books

The Platinum Hero Package - Sponsor donates 500 or more Interactive Audio Smart-Books


When Sponsors add $500.00 to any Sponsorship Package of 100+ Interactive Smart-Books


For more information contact a PGK Community

Engagement Specialist, or email



"Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book is a meaningful educational workbook that, I believe, will support the development of literacy in our young readers.


As an educator and owner of an early childhood center, I believe in fostering reading through well-written books that support learning.


With this wonderful workbook PGK Educational Tools gives parents and teachers an opportunity to readily assess their children's level of literacy and mastery of other fundamental early education skills. PGK accomplishes this by providing instructional exercises and songs that are age-appropriate and fun.


I recommend Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book and support its use in early childhood education."

Dana Kearney

Founder and owner of Village Babies Development Center in South Orange, New Jersey.

"This is an important and significant donation, and I am grateful to collaborate with E' Port Pres and PGK on this effort... Our focus must be on the next generation."


Councilman at Large Manny Grova

City of Elizabeth, NJ

"Introducing reading at a young age inspires children and provides a strong foundation for obtaining new information, expanding knowledge, and broadening horizons. Education is one of our key initiatives in Elizabeth, and there is always a need for more books."

Mayor Chris Bolwage

City of Elizabeth, NJ

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