Adopt-A-Program Sponosrs

PGK Adopt-A-Program Sponsors are Community Heroes such as:

  • Local Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Civic Organizations
  • Government Organizations
  • Community Activists
  • Philanthropists
  • and Everyday People

who agree to support PGK Initiatives by sponsoring Power Learning Tools on behalf of children in Sponsors' chosen:

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Other Child Caregiver Organizations
  • Communities
  • or Regions

These partnerships create unique opportunities for Sponsors to promote their brands or causes, resulting in closer ties to their communities.

PGK’s Community Empowerment Programs provide a refreshingly innovative marketing model for Sponsors that goes far beyond the initial time frame that a Sponsor’s brand is:

  • Viewed
  • Acknowledged by
  • or Displayed to potential
    • consumers
    • constituents
    • or patrons

Sponsors' Brands or Causes are marketed over an extended period of time, spanning the communities of hundreds to thousands of children across the country for the duration of individual childhoods

  • from preschool
  • to age 18

resulting in the maximization of “Eyeballs” on a Sponsor’s Brand or Cause over a longer period of time, again and again, groups of children are entered into various forms of

  • PGK scholarship and gift lotteries
  • as well as other special opportunities that reward children for their commitment to learn and better themselves

Throughout this extended timeframe the Brand or Cause of each Sponsor is featured in “Marquee” style layouts such as:

  • Online Landing Pages
  • Standup Displays
  • and Posters

As well as in PGK Power Learning:

  • Apps
  • Combo Smart-Books
  • and NFTs

which are tokenized and secured on the Block Chain, all of which include links that point to Sponsors' preferred:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Websites
  • Programs
  • Discounts
  • or Events

Certain Sponsor Package even Include

special Player or Performer Platforms

where Sponsor's can feature particular representatives of thier Brands.

Further Promoting their businesses, brands or causes creating opportunities to network even further

  • generating more followers
  • support
  • and awareness
  • further endearing themselves to their communities