Collect your PGK Big Prize Tokens to gain access to a world of rewards! These tokens, earned through completing PGK Power Building Learning Modules, participating in video conferences, and attending PGK events, open doors to gifts, scholarships, and more. Every successful completion of a learning module awards Big Prize Token Points, with higher difficulty levels or subjects offering increased points.

Utilize your PGK Vault, provided by Datavault Technologies, to manage your Big Prize Tokens—a unique feature encouraging a thirst for knowledge among children. The accumulation of these tokens, coupled with complimentary PGK "Lifetime Lottery" Golden Tickets, presents numerous winning opportunities, from apparel and gift certificates to early access to PGK Music Box releases and scholarship lotteries covering tuition, daycare, summer camps, and beyond.

Remember: "The more kids learn, the more they earn!" So, are you collecting your PGK Big Prize Tokens?

"The more Children Learn, the More they Earn!"

So, are you collecting your PGK Big Prize Tokens?