Are there future leaders in your community who may never have the opportunity to lead?

Join the PGK Scholarship In Education Fund and our Future Moguls Initiative and let's give them the support they need.  

PGK’s Future Moguls Initiative

A critical mechanism for expanding PGK's (Promiseland Global Kids') mission is the PGK Future Moguls Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to offer various opportunities and experiential support to young people aged 16 - 28 who want to pursue careers in multimedia, traditional arts, or related businesses.


PGK seeks to discover and mentor participants in our Future Moguls Initiative, offering them Summer training programs, internships, and practical, hands-on experience. They will have opportunities to work remotely online and in the field before progressing to on-location production assignments or work at a PGK facility. Upon meeting basic requirements and other job-specific benchmarks Future Moguls will be assigned to a PGK professional who will mentor them and monitor their development.


The PGK Future Moguls Initiative consists of an Executive Branch that develops future business leaders and a Creative Branch that develops future producers, authors, designers, performers and artists.


It is hoped and expected that access to hands-on learning in an environment that closely emulates the work they hope to do in the future inspires these young people to become Young Executives who are strong, upper-management contributors to established businesses or Young Creators who develop into in-demand producers, designers and authors of multimedia, web-based or traditional arts content.


We also hope to inspire and provide practical knowledge and experience for those who wish to become entrepreneurs.


The Future Moguls Initiative is administered through the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund. All participants must be able to provide evidence of at least one of the following:

  • A high school diploma
  • A GED certificate
  • Enrollment and active participation in:
    • High school
    • A GED program
    • A licensed home school program


All PGK Future Moguls have the opportunity to establish 529 Scholarship funds that can be applied to the costs of their college, university or private high school educations.

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