Introducing the PGK (Promiseland Global Kids),
and the PGK Lifestyle

"Promiseland Global Kids?! WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?!"

That depends on who's asking and what kind of PGK Lifestyle they're interested in!

Are you a parent, teacher, guardian or other caretaker who's trying to inspire your children to learn and empower them to fulfill their intellectual and creative potential? At PGK that is the mission we pursue by providing a wide variety of products: cutting-edge music, educational tools, books, apparel, etc. as well as other services and programs.

All of our products - which are available online at the PGK Clubhouse Megastore - contain all or most of PGK's 4 Primary Elements: the PGK Sound, PGK trademarked characters, compelling tales and adventures, and Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Are you a community activist, looking to strengthen your community by supporting its children? You could become a PGK Community Engagement Specialist and help establish PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives such as: literacy, health & fitness, creative & performing arts in your community. All of these Initiatives provide financial support to the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund. Or, you could support your neighborhood causes through your own PGK Fundraisers.

Are you a future business leader, looking for opportunities to develop your business and corporate leadership skills, as you gain experience in a supportive work environment? Check out PGK's Future Moguls Campaign.

Are you an entrepreneur interested in opportunities for economic empowerment? You could be a PGK regional or state Online Store Owner, Brand Manager, Affiliate Partner, Community Engagement Specialist, Fundraiser Coordinator, Event Coordinator, or even a PGK Project Investor.

Are you looking for innovative means to market and promote your own business or organization? Check out our Community Engagement Sponsor-Recipient partnerships and how they help children, communities and local businesses.

And, how about this - ALL PGK products come with songs from PGK Music Box, Activewear Adventures, or Action Adventures from PGK Books.

And, last but certainly not least. Are you and your children of Spanish speaking heritage? PGK has Spanish language products and is currently developing a full Spanish language catalog to go along with Community Engagement Initiatives for our Spanish speaking communities . . . PGK's German language division is soon to follow.

So, what was the question again?

Customer Testimonials

"Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book is a meaningful educational workbook that, I believe, will support the development of literacy in our young readers.

As an educator and owner of an early childhood center, I believe in fostering reading through well-written books that support learning.

With this wonderful workbook PGK Educational Tools gives parents and teachers an opportunity to readily assess their children's level of literacy and mastery of other fundamental early education skills. PGK accomplishes this by providing instructional exercises and songs that are age-appropriate and fun.

I recommend Promiseland Park's Pre-K and Kindergarten Audio Smart-Book and support its use in early childhood education."

Dana Kearney

Founder and owner of Village Babies Development Center in South Orange, New Jersey.

"This is an important and significant donation, and I am grateful to collaborate with E' Port Pres and PGK on this effort... Our focus must be on the next generation."

Councilman at Large Manny Grova

City of Elizabeth, NJ

"Introducing reading at a young age inspires children and provides a strong foundation for obtaining new information, expanding knowledge, and broadening horizons. Education is one of our key initiatives in Elizabeth, and there is always a need for more books."

Mayor Chris Bolwage

City of Elizabeth, NJ