The Three Operational Fronts of PGK (Promiseland Global Kids)

Empowering Children, Enriching Communities, and Developing Entrepreneurs

PGK is a multimedia children's education and entertainment conglomerate that exists and operates on three fronts simultaneously:

  • As a conglomerate of for-profit PGK Business Groups
  • As the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund
  • As the PGK Lifestyle Distribution & Expansion Division - PGK's distribution arm

As required by law, PGK's for-profit business groups and the PGK Lifestyle Sales Division have been established and operate separately from the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund. Still, all PGK Lifestyle Associates perform work that is directly or indirectly related to all three arms of the PGK business model. For example, all PGK business groups contribute a percentage of their proceeds to the Scholarship in Education Fund.

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